Smart watches Pebble due to more than 275000

275000 book sales, one million application downloads, these two Numbers is intelligent watchmakers Pebble recently announced a high-profile figures and said they also will continue to update this a promising platform for development, at the same time, they also promised to let third-party developers for this watch products better development.

Pebble from Kickstarter last year started the raise, from more than 85000 a sponsor there cumulative raised more than $ten million. Pebble announced in the next six months to a year of work center of gravity, first of all, the complete 19 m user reservation delivery, secondly, to encourage more developers to develop for its App .


CEO Migicovsky said, now the company the whole software team will be focus on the third-party developers, enabling them to deeper have watches App development authority, intensify open to them, hope they can Pebble develop better applied to the intelligent watches more easily interact with the Internet and mobile phones “communication”. Pebble is set to iOS update on the component, in order to watch the Gmail and I MAP email can also view the notification.

on the product sales, Pebble and Best Buy (best buy) a partnership, the latter is the electronics retailer, to ensure that the smart watch exclusive distribution by the latter. At the same time, in May this year, Pebble get 1500 $financing, to expand its team. Also need to come up with is that the number of the team in a year from 11 people spread to and .