Smart routers, really smart enough?

recently, chengdu science and technology, the founder of li config-ext-qq effort in Beijing issued a intelligent router “ruyi cloud”, “xiao yun” fall to the ground to the router. Since then, and a smart router into the line of sight of people.

only through a router, do not need to do any Settings on computers and mobile phones, Internet speed, video advertising filtering can be realized, intelligent speed, mobile phone remote control, and even “scientific” online, this is the so-called intelligent router.

now smart routers are JCG smart routers, routing, and newly listed ruyi cloud, species not many, but prospects . For example, 360 , nut shell electron, millet, etc. In the research and development of intelligent router.

ideal intelligent router:

smart router due to carry music box, smart, family private cloud, etc., the Internet is considered a family entrance. And mastered the intelligent router, had the possibility of master home Internet portal, a routing Wang Chuyun said “the future of the family all network requirements, all can be done by intelligent router’s push and cache. Is chasing a TV series, for example, intelligent router can send daily updates directly pushed to the local, home computer can play, no buffer. Or playing online games, automatic updates can also be pushed to the router, open game moments can be upgraded. And, more importantly, through the way of intelligent push, can be updated and push in their spare time, don’t have to squeeze in Internet peak bandwidth. The user used to watch video in the evening, for example, the router can be push when no one’s home during the day. In this way, can use the router can also allocate bandwidth resources.” Sum up a word is “the future of intelligent data center and contents of the router may become the family service bearing center, data processing, distribution, protection can be based on the router OS APP .

real smart router:

but, in fact, now in the market launch the smart routers have not reached standard definition of intelligent router.

now is very popular routing fired, some call it “the traditional routing market pattern” routers, routing official described him as can be installed very APP the router. It was really quite in conformity with the concept of intelligent router, at least it is a simple platform based on the operating system. But because of the scarcity of third party software (plug-in), and the limitation of hardware, the router wasn’t as good as I thought. , according to a routing users “signal is not very strong, the remote control is small, but over the wall to accelerate and to advertising set or very good”. This means that a routing is now just a that can hold several specific application “, “the router. As for the ideal to update the content of the push to the computer every day, and even control what smart TV, but don’t even think about it.

the rest of the so-called “smart” routers, such as JCG smart router, or functional NI360 security router and so on, can’t say hang sheep head sell vinegar, also is one of the pseudo “smart” routers only.

ideal can become a reality

when intelligent router appears in people’s field of vision, he can really become “smart”?

, investment partner Cui Lin think “if there is no killer app, the so-called intelligent router is likely to be a flash in the pan, become a basic needs of the family.” Letv, millet box marked the arrival of smart TV, such as case, if the intelligent router is just double wall, under the automatic download, screen advertising, nor how big wave, must have a killer application, can be launched as early iPhone to change the function of machine to smartphones, make real landmark building. And call it “smart” reason is various, the most important thing is to realize democracy, in other words, let me not to control, also can get what we want in the background ready ahead of schedule, control the things that we need to control in place. So it’s still an era of software is missing, even if the above said claims to be China’s first real intelligent router’s routing, but also has only 13 application, far from achieving the needs of the people to use.

effort and chengdu science and technology the founder li cheng argues in intelligent router that includes a path “traditional router’s bosses, are not to do, is likely to be related to degree of accumulation. Behind but there must be a giant to join, maybe in the second half of this year will be a very concept to the fire.” Threshold is mainly software accumulate, he says, otherwise it is difficult to put the software on a router, because the router is not the same as mobile phone, its configuration is very small is very weak, in this running software to the requirements of the software itself is high.

the application so intelligent router, and become a real “smart” router’s time has not come, though the prospect of the intelligent router looks great, but the lack of the limitations of its hardware and software is made this way is still very difficult. When the ideal into reality, with a conclusion that “the revolution has not yet success , comrade must still be trying to “.