Smart hardware era just looks very beautiful?

author: LouChi

through “smart hardware” boom of the jacket, you can see and have digital market is no different, is nothing but more understand the packaging, more understand the media, more understand consumers’ entrepreneurial teams. The myth of jobs may not appear, but domestic digital brand MP3 era pomp or blowout will repeat itself.

according to tecent science and technology to a number of intelligent hardware entrepreneurs and people in the industry, it is no exaggeration to create a smart hardware company cost, the lowest level as long as millions of investment to get into the market try even recover the cost of water temperature. But in the software and hardware cost, how to impress the media and the consumer is the most difficult problems.

although the emerging of new hardware entrepreneurs and at the beginning of shanzhai phones as passionate entrepreneurs, but in guangzhou, contract manufacturers, new hardware the size of the market is still a mystery, for this group of entrepreneurs, instead more can’t extend the payment days.

smart hardware hard cost: 80-1 million

two weeks ago, a new company called reflected boring technology in only a few sample cases, high-profile launched his smart watches, eventually the product on the official website to have a booking sales of more than three thousand units. Compared with big companies often hundreds of thousands of open to booking, the figure is shown slightly shabby, but in the industry point of view, is a good start.

in well-known PC company as a product manager for around Chen Yuji becomes intelligent hardware entrepreneurs to tencent technology is introduced, the barriers to entry of intelligent hardware is far higher than the outside world think, if not shocking products or the use of special components, the general digital products open mould and design cost is controlled in 100000 yuan, 10 sets using the sample of the customized news conference 10000 pieces of enough.

real production this kind of product, the price will be lower, Chen Yuji, general this kind of product price $10 to 15 master control chip, image sensor in three to five dollars, storage in the $5 to 6, the lens in 5 to 10 dollars, display in 5 – $6, battery in 2 to 3 dollars. In other parts and labor costs, a smart hardware products factory price between 350 to 500 yuan.

cooperate with suppliers need to see the industry reputation, general minimum order quantity is 2000 units (in accordance with the minimum quantity of an order for most of the chip), a total investment needed between 70 and 1 million. So there are thousands of pre-sales, is equivalent to the first batch of small-scale production can recover the cost.

start startups + software development cost: 450000

Chen Yuji company has been established for many years, for a startup company registration and operation team is not familiar with cost, another just before entering the intelligent hardware entrepreneurial force JiQi Internet media people from tencent technology is introduced, to open a company of science and technology is not complicated, in addition to the registered capital of 30000 yuan, if to run all legal process, including preparation and seals of various materials, 2000 yuan is enough.

JiQi founding team only 3 people, you and a technology and an artist, in the early days, home office, production tools such as bring your own computer and only pay the minimum of 5 insurances and convenient to maintain continuous pay social security and tax payment certificate, quick responsible for 300 a month by outsourcing billing company make account book, one year the cost of manpower cost but around 300000.

he revealed that his products from hardware mould early, is still in the software development stage, performed by founding team and outsourcing companies, only to the android UI modification, small-scale outsourcing company, and only 3 to 50000 the actual cost, it also includes a propaganda video looks quite a sense of quality.

in addition, through the agency of a registered trademark of work 1 to 20000, but also includes pre-sale program’s official website and weibo, WeChat officer, a total investment of the establishment of around 10000, which also include the cost promotion weibo first. JiQi thinks, it’s not difficult to make a smart hardware company was set up and running, it is important to get media attention and report, the problem often has nothing to do with the money, but more is the accumulation and connections in the industry.

will both simple addition, between 115 and 1.45 million Numbers do not represent the real world, an intelligent hardware company from the establishment to the full cost of the first product production, even will encounter all sorts of episode, spending money on there will be no big change. But Chen Yuji and JiQi acknowledge that outside money, how to impress the media and the consumer is the new media is the most difficult problems.

new hardware entrepreneurs contract manufacturer’s eyes: fever,

Liang Sheng has a small foundries in changping, since the end of this year the lunar New Year holiday began, has several new hardware team and its communication and cooperation. This is not an individual phenomenon, in Liang Sheng foundries circles new hardware also has become a hot topic.

although have begun the smart watch OEM business, but Liang Sheng to come into contact with new hardware entrepreneurs are a poor evaluation. “Too much of the so-called new hardware entrepreneurs doesn’t even have millions of cash, and weave a dream start, I am a factory, several hundred people, is the hard money, tell me about jobs and Chen’s story is a waste of time”.

according to Liang Sheng, many contact with most of the team don’t know anything about the hardware manufacturing, even the difference between OEM and ODM are not clear. Moreover also asked factory production mat endowment, six months before you knot. Eventually, he only and circle traders before a friend of shanzhai phones signed a few smart watch list.

Liang Sheng revealed that a large ODM manufacturer has done several smart watches and bracelet product prototype, such direct branded morally more money not abundant entrepreneurial teams, but the fact that most new hardware entrepreneurs to the OEM mode isn’t buying it. The opposite of what they expect “different”, and to buy a product prototype price is too high, they eventually smart choice to cooperate with Liang Sheng such small and medium-sized foundries.

to new hardware market, Liang Sheng says the market scale is too small, the marketing demand is too high, “even if who has been a success, when the next generation of products will also choose to find foxconn the right marketing companies cooperation, never like shanzhai phones and factory form a mutual benefit partnership”.