Smart cars: the new target of hackers

cars will become the target of hackers? This seemingly bizarre question seems to be a reality.

the famous American investigative reporter Michael Hastings (Michael Hastings) recently died in a car accident. He had sent mail to relatives and friends before death says it is making a big news, and they are being the FBI investigation, need to disappear for a period of time. 15 hours later, the former on an interview to let the top American commander in Afghanistan to step down journalists killed by drive bump a tree ignites the fire.

about the bizarre car crash outside, but insisted the Los Angeles police said the accident should be a “accident”. Some experts point out that, in the design of the current sports car safety performance has improved a lot of, even crashed at high speed, also rarely appear the situation of the fire. Hastings sports car burst into flames are rare. For these anomalies, a voice said, Michael Hastings car hands may have been moved, or has been quietly changing, it is possible that a hacker intrusion car system caused a car accident.

this kind of speculation and cars in recent years, more and more “smart” has a direct relationship, domestic well-known hacker wan to tencent technology, hackers can invade intelligent system also depends on whether the system can be invasive, even if successful invasion, can cause traffic accident also depends on the scope of the smart car control module to control but when invasion of smart car system can gain an advantage, the invasion is likely to become a trend.

smart car gradually into the trend Hacker into new target

mesh case to see, there have been a lot of car companies to integrate information technology and automobile driving system. In June this year, ford announced a package of vehicle intelligent system development plans, including import weighed, released nine AppLink based smart phone application platform, and will hand in hand to baidu and China unicom (weibo) integrate more in ford motor can be used in acoustic control applications.

after the ford has cooperation with Microsoft, SONY, create the SYNC system and audio system, then with Google (weibo), Facebokk giant IT jointly developed automotive applications such as the United States. Ford CEO Alan jose larry said publicly that “people can enjoy convenience of the Internet in the car, I think it will be the development trend of future automobiles.”

apple also is stepping up its cooperation with auto makers. Recently, at the WWDC apple released a new “iOS in the Car ‘plans, expectations will be fully integrated into each big Car makers iOS7 system of vehicle platform. The system will provide the iOS map, Siri assistant and other services.

gm also puts forward his own idea about smart cars in the future. Gm’s future intentions engine will play an important role in the artificial intelligence technology, the technology can analyze past driving operation status, and related data in combination with the current cars, speculated that the driver’s intentions, and provide some options. When the car ride in the country, for example, can remind the driver gas station location, and monitoring the route.

visible, the smart car system will bring more convenience to life, but at the same time, hackers spied it, too. As early as in 2010, the U.S. state of Texas in Austin, due to network of more than one hundred car brake system software have been hacked, paralysis or cannot be started, or car siren problems.

control vehicle system considering the hackers could trigger fault, there are computer scientists have used two versions of the new type of vehicle test. They found that the risk of reason, in the aggregate, has the following several aspects, the prevalence of computer control, decentralized internal connectivity, as well as the external network access application software platform and a growing number of telematics interface and so on.

smart alternative price: from life to privacy

a hacker “godfather,” said the founder of China’s hawkish coalition of wan to tencent’s science and technology, said the threat of hacking intelligent car system there are many possibilities, depending on the scope of the smart car control module control system and whether they be invasive. Simple electronic temperature control module, for example, will not affect the driver’s driving safety; GPS module is intrusion can lead to vehicle trajectory leak; Intrusion system installed in the car camera will cause individual privacy is stolen.

Mr Wan, when to gain an advantage as a strong point, the invasion of smart car system is likely to become a trend, to involve the safety module and system, need to be cautious.

in that case, people don’t seem to the intelligent car is trustworthy. Car companies, of course, also has taken some actions to protect the safety of the driver. Ford has a lot of security measures in the SYNC system, including the factory only allow users to install approved ford software and security Settings, asking customers while surfing input random password is given. Cars on the road when the exercise, to protect the driver safety, WiFi function will be activated, ford also use two firewalls on the SYNC system, a wi-fi router is similar to the family, a CPU for independence, used to prevent the car illegal information sent to the other modules.

it seems that car companies have been more prepared for automobile intelligent development, so smart car market in the future will be how? Wan said, there is demand market and future development of the smart car which is associated with the development of traffic, but also depends on the driver’s driving demand. For those seeking driving feeling, makes little sense to intelligent system; But for lack of driving experience is a good remedy, can effectively solve all kinds of problems occurred in the process of driving.

the development of science and technology really let the life become more and more convenient, but the resulting threat to personal safety, the driver should be on high alert.


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