Small refinements of the Microsoft Windows 8.1 weak solution

for Microsoft, doing have transformed from “skin injury” “internal injuries”. In order to win in the intense and bitter fight in the future, Microsoft adopted “one red heart, hands ready”. Just launched Win8.1 became “half-blood prince” — is based on both the desktop operating system, and give high mobile tablet by Microsoft operating system. This seems to be a “in can attack and defend” solution, but I am curious is that Microsoft can turn things around quickly, regain honor?

speed is a big problem, that Microsoft itself very clearly. The much-maligned doing launched eight months later, the new or more should be called restored version Win8.1 came out. Microsoft developers conference on Tuesday, Mr. Ballmer repeatedly stressed to the participants information is only one: Microsoft is how to rapidly improve the doing and WP. He said:


fast product release cycle, indicates the transformation of Microsoft is walking in the way.

Win8.1 what did change?

there is no doubt that the biggest changes Win8.1 is being “call back” of the “start” button. However, those “routineer” may not be too satisfied: after clicking the start button, the user has not been back to the desktop of deja vu, but Metro interface (now renamed Modern UI) – a similar tablet arrangement, be full of magnetic label “new” desktop.

ballmer call this innovation “brave behavior”, and says Win8.1 will be based on the traditional desktop “perfect fusion.

from some other small changes, we can see Win8.1 has in a certain range to improve the deficiencies in the original system. Win8.1, for example, in the mail client running more smoothly, we found that in doing system tablet PC, can’t add attachments in the mail). In addition, the “rigidity” in the Windows control panel, also become more rational, practical and modernization.

Win8.1 a another important change is worthy of our attention. That is the new Windows system support 3 d printing. For Microsoft, the innovation place is much than a touchscreen devices equipment and the tablet is of great significance.

Win8.2? We look forward to more about Windows…

doing failure to a large extent, because Microsoft did not understand the consumer psychology. In the era of mobile users will choose Microsoft’s PC, because they need a PC to complete some mobile devices is unable to undertake the work. Windows signs may not be a reason for the consumers to buy their products, but if it is like doing such a system, the user is absolutely have reason not to accept it.

doing made a “fatal error:” will the traditional PC experience stiffly set in a style based on mobile devices. As a result, the enormous success of Windows 7 obviously cannot continue in the Modern UI style of doing.

in addition, the speed is also Microsoft to solve the key problem. In the face of weakening the PC market, Windows can’t again let user to wait for three years. With Steve ballmer, Microsoft must “keep improving”, at the same time of constantly improving details experience, rapid iteration of network, mobile application to PC.

for Microsoft, they never admits his failure. Don’t know if Microsoft would like release Win8.1, offer the Win8.2 for us in the near future. Anyway, if you want to continue to gain a foothold, Windows and much more in need of improvement.

Via: ReadWrite