Small life first virtual CARDS available: can inquire consumption record Directional push

the author Pipi elves, assistant President of GuanPeng spray web site founder of its front

introduction: accidentally received a little lady from fact, to my surprise the original tencent micro life membership card, has quietly through the WeChat CRM privileges, integral balance, consumption record query, the more force is the event push has been integrated into the new membership card system, each end consumer will get WeChat directional push, very to force. Dare not exclusive, Shared with everybody accepts.

and see how little lady revealed: 5.0 reluctant to micro letter, lady I was worried, hot day I in order to find some stimulus (might pick up a pack of iphone 5.0) to go to eat barbecue, go long ago | just a string of shop (hereinafter referred to as a long time ago) is on the way to the jian arrive a iphone6, a see didn’t lock, open found is looking at the page is a membership privileges, clear tell me what privilege is above, how much is integral, balance a few hair, still have e-voucher, the joy of my heart ah – pick up to a major find ~ ~ ~ ~ I firmly into the long, long ago, ask the waiter to help experience this membership card.

lady I live in chaoyang road zhuang dongli (opposite CiYun temple), didn’t come to the shop for a long time, walked into the store found a lot of qr code, poster impressively write a small life membership card and qr code elements, under the guidance of the clerk, I opened the WeChat scan the qr code on the material, pay attention to for a long time ago, the shop assistant said I can direct top-up prepaid phone now have preferential 1000 bucks, I in the membership card balance check is 1100 pieces, prepaid phone sent 100 yuan.

the store opened, as usual, from sunset to sunrise, a wide variety of grilled wings is my favorite, eat between also had met their boss, they talked down.

a long time ago, the decoration is very distinctive, came to the customers are first attracted is full of characteristics, nostalgic trip to decorate the environment. Wall with barbecue ancestors or the story of the fishing and hunting era, decorate every shop, want to lead the consumers into an era of culture.

according to the boss, long time ago | just a string of shop have no CRM system, the cooperation directly and tencent micro life is get through the membership card of CRM, as far as I know when small life membership card just came out last year, click on the merchants WeChat membership card after the privilege to enter, only show a gift and privilege and locations, and cooperation has evolved a long time ago to the stored value to pay directly, query the integral balance, etc., of course, if you have any problems can also be counseling online customer service, of course, men’s favorite Dally with customer service, someone will reply or chat.

“why did you choose to use small life membership card?” Lady please don’t give up continue to ask questions.

“generic member relationship management and marketing system, precipitation stored value consumption, capital accumulation, wake members, etc. Are we are more valued. Micro current life membership card already through CRM, and also can be used directly their business background management members, precision marketing. Just now we talked about the small life long ago membership card – the first virtual card can realize the customer directly using the micro card to store values of life and consumption, in order to stimulate customer stored value we will direct cash or a small gift such as a prize. Now, we don’t have any card production costs but precipitation to the stored value for money, these funds have been able to meet the needs of our fast new open a shop, shorten the cycle of the new capital accumulation. And wake my members, for example, we can be in the background screen members who do not often come to store, by means of stimulation such as a coupon, increase the rate of customers into the store, etc. In micro business background of life, of course, and buy a card to buy stamps, and more new style… “The store owner said.

after a talk with my boss lady, praised the boss had vision has a characteristic, store decoration, later will be frequented by noises, etc. Finally, lady holding a mobile phone to the front desk check out directly, to show my life membership card, the cashier directly via secure pos validation to help me to pay, after I sign the receipts, micro letter received a consumer warning, told me how much the consumption.

the overall look, the whole process of consumption without using entity card, check balances and integral less frequent input password, every time consumption can be done directly open the WeChat query integral can self-help for more; Merchants, of course, if you have the latest promotional information can also be the first time I receive. Go out to go against the consumer is not in the future??

the findings of the above was the lady wait WeChat 5.0, calls for a high micropayments appeared after micro life membership card should be more convenient, welcome to communicate with the lady, common to unlimited consumption scenarios in the future.

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