Small and medium-sized electricity winter comes? Positioning white-collar user community’s Lionel went down

13 June hunting cloud network (editor: qing nan) electrocuted founder Gong Wenxiang in weibo last night revealed that, e-commerce sites o has been quietly and gently shut down recently, for reasons unknown, now already all the shelves in all guest, QQ online flagship store of goods, etc. Hunting cloud network login website after website has been unable to open.

the Lionel (English name: OLOMO) is a subsidiary of Shanghai spirit bond electronic commerce co., LTD., for white-collar workers the user groups to launch e-commerce brand, by week dare and launched operation in 2008. The company is a collection of professional design, production and electronic business in the integration of brand apparel company, which owns independent comprehensive men’s clothing brand o (OLOMO). Company’s operating system is located in Shanghai, customer service, logistics, production and other backend support department is located in nantong. The company was in 2008 the first batch of enterprises in taobao mall, and then in November 2010, won the first venture capital injection.

as early as February, the Internet was rumoured o failing message, according to the net friend in weibo, said the official customer service has been unable to dial the phone. Some netizens feedback also said, o website access problems as early as a few months ago.

cloud network hunting landing QQ mall o’s flagship store, found that although the page also can browse, but commodity information has been largely stay in December 2012 the promotion stage. Random point open after the goods have been show cannot buy goods, and no sales record in nearly three months. Judging from this, o ‘reilly’s flagship store in QQ mall have stopped updating the past.

in the past more than a year, as the electricity change rules of the game, electricity flow continuously XiangJing east, Tmall platforms such as concentration, medium and small electric business failures and contraction. Internet good enjoyed buy unrest in continuous adjustment, cotton net collapse, crucco buyout by every guest.