Skin looked, welcome you to challenge the “complex” of the Android world (video)

abstract: Android is a complex “the world”. Looked for the SAN da leather (Sundar Pichai), there are too many complicated relationship need to deal with him. Especially after Google acquisition MOTOROLA, all staring at the past how “the mobile phone industry overlord” the road to recovery.

for Google SAN da skin looked (Sundar Pichai), he now faces a lot of complicated and tough job. On the one hand, he must be grasped by Google as a key project of the development of Android and Chrome design work; On the other hand, he must let the outside world think that Google no partiality, snub acquisition of MOTOROLA in the near future. However, obviously, in the Android world, not everyone is born equal.

D11 meeting on Tuesday, Ms. Pichardo, did not say too much new information. In addition to the application with a pure version of Google are introduced HTC One, besides, he also said Google Play Music All Access (I also feel this name is especially odd) service will log on to the iOS platform. Oddly enough, when being asked Dr Google and Android partners, especially the relationship with samsung, skin looked but did not answer directly, but continue to show off HTC One function and design. When the host mentioned, samsung almost dominating Android mobile phone market, and also launched on Tuesday in a smaller version of the Galaxy S 4, skin looked again “easy”, said only that the message is he in Techmeme know this morning.

native android version of the HTC ONE

apparently, not is Google’s relationship with partners are consistent. In the subsequent conversation, skin looked, said MOTOROLA “transformation” plan in the next six months he was “happy”. On Wednesday, MOTOROLA’s CEO has confirmed that will display the message of Moto X, but the rest of the new product — by Dennis Woodside called together “mobile phone”, also did not spread widely and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. New drill shack is MOTOROLA, nokia was once used) attracted the interest of the widely.

for Google and the problem of the relationship between the partners, we have selected some comparison on the analysis of the spectrum, estimated that every reader can see some “clue” :

1. For samsung launched the “highest specifications” mobile phone (that is, the Galaxy S 4) a smaller version of the events, Google senior incredibly even later than we know. Of course, they could really don’t know, but maybe is fundamental. Anyway, at least it shows that there was a small problem with Google and samsung in the aspect of communication. To be honest, I really to “Google” the giant worrying, samsung launched the miniature Galaxy S 4 is not just for the money. If you really put it “enriching”, then the future samsung will probably openly and rival to Google’s products.

2. By contrast, skin looked on to MOTOROLA’s products plan, it is said that in the design process of the Moto X, he also expressed some personal ideas. However, in this week’s conference, skin check ibn and Woodside, say the Android team provide MOTOROLA with no special “care”.

3. Maybe some of our greatly exaggerated, in fact, all does not seem to change. The Android market’s tumultuous remains. Although Google tries to be a leader in the platform, can be in the face of increasingly serious ecological fragmentation problem, more is overwhelmed. Google has always been and Android partners (samsung, HTC, LG) “close”, therefore, the current Google and MOTOROLA seems to go very close to, also in the common sense.

since a godfather of “Android Andy Rubin, Andy Rubin, skin looked to stir up the burden. I think, a sprawling complex, although in the Android world still have a lot of the opportunity of “cooperative competition”. For skin looked, how to face the world, the relationship between the processing and the “Allies”, will be a challenging but also very interesting job.

Pichai interview all video (Indian accent is a bit difficult, barely hear XD) :