Sina weibo launched mobile end new products “Page Page”

May 7, 2013, the global mobile Internet conference (GMIC) was held in Beijing, in the special activity in the afternoon, sina weibo shows the mobile end new products “Page Page face”, the product is sina weibo is based on the latest strategic layout of the era of large data.

according to introducing, has just launched weibo Page, is an aggregation of user interests social relational data, a comprehensive display Page both topics, such as books, music, food and beverage food content on weibo can generate their own Page Page. Through the Page Page, users can easily see the valuable weibo content.

“on weibo, the Page is the socialization of information aggregation node, connecting people, content and interest, twitter users can be produced with Page ‘content’ attention, such as great social relations.” Freeze weibo commercial products division general manager, said the launch Page Page to precipitation content and relationship, so that the microblog become more valuable. Add Page after Page, weibo weak social network began to gradually transformed into real social network.

restaurant food, for example, Internet users on the Page, the Page can look at the map first, surrounding roads, recommended dishes and detailed information such as favourable activity can booking reservation directly by phone. On the basis of integrating weibo data, Page Page in the face of consumer microblog comments on the display, the net friend can “ the geothermal meeting” with “a review of the” two modules view real-time word-of-mouth to related hotel, restaurant, and through heat map module to see the actual effect of food. In addition, the net friend also can look at the sign in weibo content to related sites, in order to help users to select, friends sign in weibo content will appear in the sign in the top of the microblogging module.

in late April, sina weibo to the latest revision of mobile client, is one of the biggest bright spot in the attachment share function, support Internet users in a single weibo insert topic, images and music, and other types of information, information sharing to weibo, will appear in the form of a new card. compared with ordinary weibo, card class microblogging is the biggest difference between the layout optimization, click on the net friend after will enter the Page Page, see the more rich content aggregation.

for third-party enterprise, application, card class weibo display form will increase net friend strike the possibility of the related content, Page Page can help users find in polymerization Page more valuable information, to help enterprises, applications get more attention and more accurate user. In the future, different types of Pag e as the user information aggregation point, will become an important entrance to the enterprises and products in weibo.

from Facebook, Twitter, experience, social platform for commercial success mainly depends on the depth of the user data mining. Previously, sina weibo has made many attempts to in data mining. At the end of last year, sina weibo start test flow ads, according to the interests and social relationship to net friend recommended related information; In April this year, weibo announced a strategic partnership with ali, made it clear that will be in big data business level continue in-depth cooperation, exploration, for weibo the commercial prospects of great imagination. mobile client release attachment function to join and Page Page, is another weibo advances the strategy of big data.

from the attachment feature added to the Page Page the launch, weibo is via mobile client for Internet users to provide more variety of personalized experience, further consolidate its dominant position at the mouth of the mobile Internet.