Sina weibo flash sales platform Operating subject company exposure

(editor: qing nan)

at low debugging water after more than a month, weibo recently launched limited-time sales platform “flash sales” (, which is a single daily, at 9 PM.

hunting cloud network log on to the platform’s official weibo @ flash sales little helper home page can be found that reads “ali VS sina weibo=flash sales”. This means that the platform is the result of ali cooperation with sina weibo. It is reported, “flash sales” most from taobao platform products. At the end of April, alibaba’s $586 million investment in sina weibo, 18% of the shares, the electricity is around the socialization of potential.

in fact, the news about weibo push flash sales platform has been grapevine news reports at the end of may, then enable the tuanweibocom secondary domain name. This is where after ali stake.

from past flash sales list, goods mainly concentrated in the daily commodities, such as video, cosmetics type, the price is in 200 yuan the following, basic full shopping are all free shipping. The user can use online banking, pay treasure, weibo purse to payment. Goods one day cat, taobao, and fast bag, who know my medicine makeup, such as vertical electrical contractor, but mainly on taobao sellers.

cloud network hunting after find out that in many ways, the flash sales platform operators is a joint venture company of sina and innovation works, science and technology. The company is to do social electric business platform of marketing company, products include SMS marketing, fans and enterprise micro testing, home page, deals, coupons, promotions, etc., basic it is associated with weibo commercialization. Speculation, said after the millet mobile phone, music boxes and other restricted on weibo marketing is directly to docking with le o science and technology.

information by querying the Beijing industry and commerce website, hunting cloud network found that le o science and technology was established in August 2010, registered capital of 9.059889 million, as a legal person is Tian Hongfei.

cloud network query hunting other public information, oh joy technology was founded jointly by Tian Hongfei and li qi yuan, and lee, hatch innovation works early guidance. Out of innovation works after the “graduation” headquarters, and then got the sina investment. At present, the office is on the left bank of the commune near the headquarters of sina.

it is understood that ah music’s flash sales platform of science and technology companies each one-way charge 3% service charge. There have been reports in mid-august flash sales platform will be sorted, SanChan increased to a day, and will have access to the brands.