Sina: the portal’s second revolution

sina version! And it is the largest ever change!

revised before must first say a said.

on December 1, 1998, richwin company announced a merger and HuaYuan information company, sina has since birth. There is a lot of story, such as founder zhi-dong wang SanJin silicon valley, Dr. Chen first edit the title of Chinese website is how to? The highway to witness the sina originated and rise.

since then open the floodgates, sina to still is China’s largest web portal. Some ways, sina opens up the Chinese Internet news on the actual meaning of standard, rapid, accurate, objective and comprehensive sina editor of eight guidelines become the standard of all peers by default. At the same time, sina expand overseas capital structure as well as the development of the business model became more entrants are imitated object.

said sina is a revolutionary predecessors, fired the first shot of the network age in China are not yet too: one of the first portal website, the first real

now profitable portal sina, has maintained a number of such records.

sina with ten years of kung fu laid the dominance of the portal, but the changes of the Internet. Ten years later, the domestic emerged the Internet giant alibaba, tencent, baidu, sina has been firmly hold the dominance of online media, but has gradually away from the Internet the center of the world stage.
In the industry believe sina “freewill” partial in the corner, sina for the power of the entire company, seized the microblog. When sohu zhang regret, this opportunity comes once in a blue moon has slipped from his hand.

can judging from the reaction of capital market, weibo is how important for sina, sina’s share price by the highest weibo rose to more than $140. The industry and has rushed to buy into weibo from alibaba, baidu, valued at $3 billion.
But weibo have to face a problem: commercial. Sina in order to do a good job in weibo, do not hesitate to pour, it also results in the decrease of sina’s earnings significantly.
Front bedding so much, just to account under the background of sina’s revision.
What is the most important feature of this version?
First: to the user push content! Sina news is to edit selected before, belong to the mandatory output, this is the first generation of common practices of the portal. Sina has changed, this time through the analysis of the reading habits of users, data mining, to the user push accurate content. This way, more in line with the characteristics of web2.0. Benefits would save more time for the reader, and greatly enhance the viscosity of users. In the fragments of information age, I was sure that sina news precision push will be imitated by other portal.

The second:

and break through weibo. A portal is the boss, one is network upstarts. Sina’s double platform through a revised fit at last. Are the benefits of get through, more interactive and social attributes also increased greatly. An innovation works product manager told me that the portal and microblogging is a complementary relationship, portal content can quickly spread on twitter, weibo hot spot can also be pushed to the portal, booster force is very obvious.
Above two points, to break the old patterns of portal, and put their advantageous resources together, redefined the portals, social web portal? I can say this?

at the same time, sina redesign improved the position of the important channels, in some detail aspects, such as navigation, fonts have to do some more humanized design.
So make money?

1, increase the interactive advertising. Unlike previous mandatory display advertising, sina redesign will vigorously develop interactive advertising. This and the new portal

the concept of strong social attributes are consistent.

2, push accurate advertising. Sina’s advertising to show the matching based on the content

2, increased advertising placement. This need not say more.
Philosophy is content and marketing integration, to reduce the noise from the users.
Sina redesign, of course, also face challenges: the biggest challenge is such a big project must have great support, data mining is test technology of sina. Sina to dig to perhaps technology Daniel jack xu chi that is!

last week, sina co-president, du hong speech on stage, I was in the audience to listen to, then she is how sina travel and twitter to make money, listening to the already very shocked. But, before long, the portal “had” become like this.

sina this daring reform yourself, go to the front of the other portal, launched the second revolution of portal, so to speak. We will see