Sina signing NBA shuangjian combination: social and mobile

sina win 400 games for three consecutive NBA season. If single, will it be a breakthrough of the portal, as is not satisfactory, only count as a boost for weibo, is inappropriate. In fact, this cooperation, sina to expand original rights from the portal in the NBA to microblogging platform and mobile terminal, through the “double platform, many terminal” mode, to realize the change of the core channel and breakthrough. From a larger perspective, signing of NBA and future operations, to sina provides a comprehensive transformation of the opportunity, if successful, the portal in the future and the development of the social network, will find a new direction.

have been bad-mouthing portal’s voice is heard, see light of weibo, also heard. The advantages and disadvantages of these two products are very obvious, but not as to fizzling out. Historically leading Internet product, such as E-mail, BBS etc., and not die by innovation emerge in endlessly, can adjust with the situation development, adapt to the new environment, often the longer even stronger than before, the portal and weibo should also be no exception. As a portal and weibo both the creator of the game, sina shall have the ability to cope with change, to continue paying equal attention to youth. The sina cooperation with NBA basketball competitions, heralding the sina to change myself, have been on the road.

the disadvantage of the portal is extensive, rough, due to the complexity of the visitor source constitution, unable to use an account system to visitors to classify, lead to the most interested in place. Portal, therefore, often have a good news story, topic plan ability is very strong, also have a good tradition of good at attracting eyeballs, but the situation is not form a good interaction. Under this situation, excess invalid clicks in advertising, in advertising, value is a disadvantage of the portal.

because of this, in recent years the rise of vertical sites, relying on the strong ability of group discussion atmosphere and enough flexibility, away from the portal, a large number of visitors to the segmentation become the winner of the vertical. The emergence of the site, although the portal is not enough to constitute a fatal shock, slow erosion but worrying. Portal crack, this situation will be social and mobile, no choice.

say first social

under the old portal system, sina portal upload news article 100000 every day, do business flow, but if the theory’s ability to attract high-quality user segment, are weak. By calculation, European cup of key campaign during a live television two hours, a baidu post bar in the discussion of this topic, account for more than 90% of the entire online such content. May be absorbed by the content of traffic cannot be compared with the portal, but the quality is certainly a commanding lead. Focus of users, have a clear purpose and signatures, can significantly higher on the advertising value of them, can be more easily from the segment on the development of new business model.

sina apparently noticed it, will the NBA fans gathered together, to change the original type browsing user to login user, obviously, the user logged in to the traditional web portal sina more attractive, because it means that the improvement of customer loyalty, means to promote the efficiency of traffic, means that a single user advertising value ARUP to improve in the future. Sina in the contract before the NBA, have been trying to community-based operation.” LOVE the NBA community “has now become one of the largest community in the NBA, has brought together hundreds of millions of users, this is sina community operating on a preliminary attempt in the NBA, has gone far beyond the portal user activity with retained degrees. On sina’s contract with the NBA, NBA 30 official weibo will be in sina weibo, and they enter, will make LOVE the NBA community dimension more widely, its future business value will be stretched out from the community.

portal sina weibo and, under the old commercial logic does in left and right sides of each case, but if the two together, with weibo to social transformation of the portal, weibo topics with portal sexual vitality, maybe new hope is just around the corner. Sina portal’s last revision, many of the content to be pulled to the home page, actually can be classified as social portal, a, a few months of operation, also for today’s social transformation provided the practice foundation.

imagine, sina in the future based on the video, the introduction of sports events and variety show broadcast, as much as possible to attract the user segment, and perfect the system of the identity in the process, create one by one around a particular point of interest and form of community, prompting the user contribution out high quality of LSC (living Social Content) Content, forming high stickiness. In this great community, topic segmentation, user segmentation, advertising directional precision, based on the characteristics of user interest level convergence, electric business, to carry out social games business, accurate marketing operations, and can provide more valuable pay value-added services.

sina achieve this scenario in the future, is very likely, because it has not only has a lot of portal, there are not too poor video, have stronger power of microblogging, back to weibo introduced electric business cooperation. To integrate all of these advantages together, very easy to play a strong synergistic effect, and a new operation mode can be born. Live on pioneering introduction of NBA basketball sports event, through layers of interest, through social interaction, through content accumulation produce opinion leaders, opinion leaders and can drive the whole circle and content positive cycle, this way will be sina sports, future is sina action is the first step in this transformation.

this is not the first time that sina cooperation with the NBA, but this-time-is-different, Internet users’ spending power and have been able to bearing high quality broadcast content from offline to online, the Internet a variety of means of commercial development, also makes the operators have the ability on expensive to buy high quality content to open new income to grab a bigger business interests.

say again mobile

the mobile Internet is infinite opportunities, only in the context of the development of the mobile Internet data curve, this point until now still no any doubt. With the further popularization of smart phones, users are accelerating shift to mobile terminal, news, video, too. For portal can take advantage of the PC to the mobile end expand invest a lot of resources, it is not all competitors can do, is enough to build a strong barriers to competition.

when sohu and netease to vigorously develop the news to the client, sina sports client has firmly occupy the first position in the field. It embodies the essence of the development of the two different, what is the lot, or small and exquisite, still need time to test. The sina cooperation with the NBA, basketball live events itself will also be included in mobile end, the user either on a PC or smartphone, even phone using wap, the function can watch live basketball games, and as you progress through the tournament and interact.

a recognised the fact is that the mobile end users of the business is worth more than a PC, mobile news and video advertising quotation, it is more than PC too much. If the first 15 years of extensive development path, sina editor such as foxconn foundries in migrant workers toil, effort is directly proportional to income into a small, and so in the future to realize mobile sina, is sure to come out a quality, the pursuit of high value-added development.

in the mobile terminal of the natural products, under the guidance of the microblogging sina portal is the trend of The Times, comprehensive mobile users reading habits change, pursuit of development quality mobile end, is sina embrace the inner base of mobile as a whole. The Internet is really need a complete industrial upgrading, improve output than a single member of the human, improve labor efficiency and benefit, and the trend of mobile Internet is on the rise, gives this upgrade opportunity comes once in a blue moon.

with the great portal at valuations of 0, sina’s current $4.8 billion valuation, belongs to the portal at least $1.2 billion valuation, which is implied in the market to the transformation of sina a expect success. Portal need to actively seek to change, in order to realize the value to return, but change the fundamental success, still lies in whether can on the basis of safe, boldly out of the road of innovation.

sina can choose the most condensed the sports channel of value, to advance social and mobile, carried out after success again, this is essentially a steady and bold innovation, to the portal and social networking, have the stronger leading meaning, will be far-reaching.