Sina released the first full media coverage advertising platform “ryongyon”

6 September afternoon message, “sina business ideas OpenDay 2013” held in Beijing today. Conference, sina released for the first time the Internet media coverage all advertising platform “ryongyon”, and the whole platform content marketing, the network linkage, weibo selection, data, the closed loop and so on four big marketing solutions, to bring new ideas for the Internet marketing field.

sina “ryongyon” subversive Internet marketing

in the tide of Internet development, sina as a leader, to gain insight into user behavior as the basis, constant change and innovation marketing. Relying on sina’s massive user resource, and break the portal website and social media, mobile Internet and the PC marketing medium segregation, sina in the recently launched with faster, more effective way to build the brand and the user “ryongyon” multiple relations of advertising platform, which is China’s Internet industry for the first time the concept of full media coverage advertising platform, which means that sina will redefine the future of the Internet marketing industry.

at the early stage of China’s Internet marketing, web portal home page represents the entrance of Internet marketing, able to attract users to the location of the “eyeball” treasure “marketing” is the enterprise competition, get portal gold resources become an important work of digital marketing, selling way mainly sell position; With the passage of time, the Internet marketing into overdrive, as users of Internet behavior tends to be rational, selling way is beginning to change marketing for sales and events in time, in order to adapt to the habit of Internet users and the demand; And with the emergence of social media, the reading habits of Internet users more and more tend to fragmentation, how to realize the test covers the breadth and depth of users to become the new subject of Internet marketing.

the launch sina covering advertising platform, relying on sina and sina weibo to cover China in nearly eighty percent of netizens huge amounts of the user’s natural advantages, to achieve across the screen, across the product line mixing high quality display advertising platform, according to the independent users control frequency. “Across the screen” including computer screens and mobile terminal screen; “Across the line” refers to the gateway, video, microblogging, mobile and other four major product lines; Delivery system based on “UserID + CookieID + log user behavior” such as multiple positioning of the network users to distinguish between virtual fingerprint identification technology, and then to make frequency on the individual user. Meanwhile sina cover advertising platform to fully accept the third party monitoring, to ensure that the promotion effect can be monitored. Compared with the traditional network advertising, sina cover advertising platform without having to make advertisement scheduling cases, only need to determine coverage and the number of frequency and time to complete delivery.

in the coverage and users receive frequency effect on indicators, such as sina, the launch of TV media advertising sales cover advertising platform for reference model, but by contrast, sina’s cover advertising platform show a more powerful. First of all, Internet users more younger, more spending than TV media. Second, the efficiency of the Internet is far better than TV media. Again, the Internet repeat the accuracy of the frequency control will enable the Internet to achieve the best results. According to relevant data shows that 39.7% of the audience think advertisement, repeat 2 ~ 3 times as the best; Sina will be technology to show the frequency of a few ads in the guarantee enterprise effective control display of “limit”, TV media is difficult to do this.

cover advertising platform name as “ryongyon”. Ryongyon do in the spring and autumn period and the warring states era of the most famous ryongyon sword, on behalf of the good faith, sina has been adhering to the principle of good faith, strong media credibility; At the same time, the dragon and deep Long Yin Yu Yuan meaning, said something of value to be discovered, and as a portal, social networking, video integration of mixed media platform, sina user override the value and marketing value needs to be further big data is widely accused the main discovery.

four definition digital marketing solutions business value

on “2013” sina business ideas OpenDay, considerate sina north district sales manager, said the four marketing solutions, will bring the new marketing opportunities for advertisers and commercial chain is more perfect. According to introducing, the sina released four marketing solutions including all platform content marketing, the network linkage, weibo selection, data, the closed loop.

1. The whole platform content marketing

The content of the

sina platform all marketing make new interpretation to the Internet media marketing value. Referring to the whole content marketing platform, comprehensive, said the whole platform content marketing is the two major basis of the content of the depth of the vast users with high quality assets. On this basis, the form content assets as the core, to user needs as the guidance, using a variety of media forms and products will be the spread of brand customer demands into related to its location and spread of channels, columns, products, through content the user and the deeper binding brand customers, so as to realize the marketing communication of the whole platform.

in sina sports, for example, sina sports have on the market more than 90% of high quality sports, many sports commentators were gathered sina; At the same time, sina will also open a sports broadcast 24 hours a day and is compose built large sports community. These high quality content assets hang the depth of the vast users connect with brand customers, realize the connection of medium is information, community, weibo, sporting events, events on demand high-quality content such as assets. Based on this, also can use these assets for brand customers tailored program, achieve a portal + weibo + video content marketing platform. At present, sina in the field of sports and finance accumulated a large number of high-quality assets and a huge number of loyal users, the platform content marketing value is growing.

2. Network linkage

network linkage is also one of sina’s four big marketing solutions. Since the “Chinese good voice” variety shows, such as hot air, weibo topics mentioned quantity trends and TV ratings remain positive correlation, become the inevitable trend of social media development network linkage. According to Nielsen research report shows that 60% of television viewers watching the program has a smartphone, tablet or laptop at hand, and watching TV while tweeting review more and more people. In addition, 78.57% of users surveyed expressed a willingness to use social media with friends to watch a TV show at the same time, the opinion and synchronization. With the convex TV and network platform of complementary value show, “network” has become the network media and the characteristic of the traditional TV media converge; And microblogging topic quantity also generated television ratings, rising film at the box office.

according to this trend, the advertiser’s marketing demands combined with a hot topic, conveniently launched sina network linkage marketing solutions. In the second half of 2013, sina will be set for the “hot topics”, a hit television show, entrance in PC and mobile terminal Settings, attract netizens to enter “hot topics” pages, share and interaction, further enlarge named enterprise marketing rights of television programs; In addition, the programs broadcast at the same time, sina will be synchronized to topic recommendation program subject in the information flow, ensure that the display of the time opportunity, again to strengthen enterprise promotion effect; Obtain information from the user’s core area – information flow and the topic list is recommended, to maximize the heat of the topic, in order to achieve the purpose of increase brand awareness.

3. Weibo select

the advertising of information flow to small and medium-sized advertisers get good grades, sina and new “hits”, is designed to help the brand more accurate contact information of the customer, this is the first time information advertising open to brand advertisers. Weibo featured in addition to brand user fans on the outside, also to through the analysis of the data mining and brand user interaction has the on-site fans, not only promotes the precision of the launch, also avoid the harassment of the user.

it is worth mentioning, weibo will also break traditional advertising CPM selling way, take the CPTA (cost) for each of the target users to a mode to sell, this way of selling in accordance with the advertising message of “touch” charge, will bring social advertising “accurate” revolution. And in on the form, in addition to the traditional form of text, images, and 6 seconds video show rich media forms.

4. Data closed-loop

in the field of data integration, sina’s marketing value is to be reckoned with. Sina weibo as the nation’s largest social media platform, has not only is the user’s social relation and interest graph, and vast amounts of user behavior and preference data. Sina establish strategic cooperation with alibaba, will be able to put the user browsing behavior, social data, interest graph, shopping behavior, based on data mining, to establish a complete system of marketing analysis, further depict marketing image of the Internet users, the data back to a chain of related partners, optimize the enterprise marketing decision, improve enterprise to promote efficiency.

sina OpenDay communication through the commercial thought, around the “1 + 4” (a core advertising platform, four marketing solutions) to the outside world that Internet marketing trend of sina, sina will rely on its “portal + weibo” double platform and its terminal more advantages, bring a new revolution for the marketing world, and to redefine the media value.