Sina on mobile phone card, enter the field of mobile payment

yesterday night, revealed that hunting cloud network readers to this net, sina low-key closed a mobile payment terminal, formally enter the field of mobile payment.

let’s take a look at the reader’s disclosure content:

twitter exposes a sina big eyes modelling of hardware products, has caused the widespread speculation. Most speculation points to “mobile phone card” the earlier was some media bad-mouthing products.

can be seen from the picture, the product should be inserted in the mobile audio on the mouth, but now in the mouth of the audio only three things: speakers, mobile phone card and dustproof plug. Speakers and dustproof plug is unlikely, combined with previous sina just to get the licence, it is easy to think of is the mobile phone charge this kind of product.

but if so, there is a little confusing: in this segment of the mobile payment market is basically pattern is set, la cara takes up a personal mobile phone card market more than ninety percent market share, sina if entered. Unless the sina is just put it as a charging treasure, U disk, such as derivatives, goof around. Just, the word “pay” always let people could not help but think a lot.

cloud network hunting after investigation, found itself includes a media hui-juan wang co-founder and vice President, many in the industry have already received the payment terminals. One industry source review called “ new sun artifact 】 【 tenpay push a “big eyes” card, want to combine @ weibo wallet, go @ Carla this convenient route, the first public beta machine will offer some free microblogging members and talent, what do you think this thing?”

“let everyone can receive credit card payments.” This is the well-known mobile payments firm Square’s slogan.

Square was founded in 2010, with the mobile phone insert audio hardware products, become the hottest star startups.

Square of mobile phone card can realize personal (mainly the individual merchant credit card charge, because the POS machine is very expensive, this greatly reduced the burden of small and medium-sized businesses in the United States, makes possible the rapid development of Square.

Square in April, according to data released its payment volume rose 25%, annual processing amount will be $5 billion.

however, the same pattern in China is difficult to replicate. Here there are two big problems difficult to solve. One is the merchants to the mobile terminal receives the degree is not high. La cara director sun tao ran to the media said “we are totally different with Square on products and business models, we focus on personal mobile payment, not geared to the needs of merchants.” On the other hand, is subject to the domestic credit system construction lag, the credit card payment barriers.

however, industry executives to hunt cloud network, said the future weibo besides charge advertisement cost and customer value, social electricity will become a new growth point of income. As an important part of electrical business links, sina launched payment belong to follow.

“besides weibo wallet, in the service of weibo electricity will also be new tenpay important factor. But I don’t think a short period of time the new tenpay outward expansion, mainly serving the microblogging platform “the executive said.

as cloud network hunting time for this matter, sina official did not comment.