Sina literature really come! Acquisition of dazzle shells are testing fruit shell novel network

hunting cloud network on August 28th news

in the first two months after the first exclusive exposure, in succession, the hunting cloud network learned once again that the nut novel network ( will as the main carrier of sina literature, are testing, low-key domain names have normal access. (xiao yun to remind, the industry and fruit shell, shell electron, don’t order the wrong oh)

in June this year, sina has split the channel, and reading with Beijing sina reading information technology co., LTD., the original operating business integration, which was operators read weibo (, micro comics (, etc. After the merger, the resulting three brands and business.

however, at the time, sina heavily into the network literature, in order to strengthen brand cognition, is bound to set up match independent sites. Nowadays, nut shell novel network closed beta has to prove that this speculation.

found that hunting cloud network login shells novel web site LOGO has made clear the nut belongs to sina’s. From the content point of view, there is romance, suspense, fix true, campus, fantasy and other classification. However, due to is still in the closed beta period, part of website show is not complete, some links can not open.

by querying data, cloud network found hunting, nut shell novel net belonging to dazzle the nut (Beijing) information technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as shells). Cool fruit shell was established in May 2008, is the domestic earlier wireless Internet copyright cooperation and content services. Previously in 2010 and reached a cooperation, cooperation is sina channel reading comic books. From some recruitment information, according to dazzle the nut was recruiting network literature editor to run reading weibo platform. Thus, dazzle the nut has more deep relationship with sina.

hunting cloud network linked to the nut and a novel network insiders, admission of dazzle shells have been sina acquisition, and integrate to Beijing sina reading information technology co., LTD.

as you can imagine, nut shell novel network officially launched, will use weibo, the advantages of the portal resources for comprehensive promotion. It is worth mentioning that, in literature writers will provide wider space.

at the moment, the network literature market fighting up. Tencent literature are going around poaching and expand the overall layout, it is understood that will be published next month in the new brand strategy; Baidu literature are girding plundered many resources, and is preparing to send force sina, these are the traditional strong challenge – shanda literature.