Sina column face PK tencent, everybody

in tencent strong attack after the high-end market of literature reading, rival sina column face a new online recently, sword refers to tencent.

sina column official said, “we try to make IT the most high-end Chinese network, the most comprehensive, the most depth columnist platform, a column of current affairs, history, culture, finance, IT, entertainment, sports, fashion, industry leading character’s splendid views of life and hot articles, insight into the world, start from sina column.”

cloud network login sina column, hunting found sina column has changed from the original portal layout to popular blog style.

analysts to hunt cloud network said, the future for the author resource competition will become the focus of the market for high-end literary reading. At present, tencent for columnist on the ideal salary, but sina inherent media with a strong brand advantage. This is the two sides attract the author chips. But with the development of tencent’s portal, sina’s brand this advantage will gradually collapse.