Sina also should make similar “WeChat” products? Charles chao said recently launched social communication tools

sina CEO Charles chao recently in an interview with the financial times, according to the recently launched a new social communication products, will be on weibo complementary. It is understood that the product may be similar to WeChat.

chao said the new social media, is more of a focus on the interest groups, can be added for weibo, “this kind of product will have a chat, news feeds and pictures, and other functions.”

if the product is also located in communication tools, like micro letter that means sina adjust in the field directly tencent micro letter. And netease recently published letter, it will be two domestic established Internet giant to encirclement and suppression micro letter.

according to tencent disclosed, according to the number of monthly active users WeChat rose one 5, 236 million. Sina weibo in the second quarter of the average daily number of users was 54 million, up 8.4% over the previous quarter. Although there is no comparable data, but the analysis thinks, the user more and more time spent on micro letter, it may have begun to threaten weibo.

in the interview, Mr. Chao said is trying to attract more users in the small city in China. At present, the sina news portal, and sina weibo is still severe depends on the large city of white-collar users, the user population is seen as valuable audience, advertising their contribution income in sina revenue accounted for the majority of share, but, after all, the number is limited. “For now, the small city is a source of growth, and we need to get those users.” Charles chao said.