Simply enter the lyrics can generate a song song yamaha custom service will support the upcoming Chinese

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yamaha on October 21, announced the development of “Vocaloducer” software, the software can by typing the lyrics and Vocaloid songs to make the music accompaniment. Oriented development promotion site, games, social media with content on to product development professionals, since this winter to SaaS camp (soft) form provided to consumers.

by specifying the Japanese lyrics of less than 50 words (Chinese characters and Numbers), can generate 2 ~ 8 section of music technology. And singing part by save in Vocaloid (famous sound at the beginning of the future is based on Vocaloid engine oh) in the song list, select the appropriate sound samples, again by adjusting the parameters such as dynamic effect and tone the way.

the generation of melody is the use of J – Pop (Japanese Pop) independent intelligent computing technology. Music by melody mode (34), pitch change (34), at the end of the way (way) of the combination model of total about 10000 (10000) on the basis of automatically generated.

in the future besides will launch a variety of samples, will be the default all kinds of format templates to choose from: “Rap style”, “Rock style”, “the style of some well-known composer” template, can let users can simply create music.

remobilised accompaniment to the tune of existence, Rock, Dance, etc the 30 different styles to choose from, the future will also add more style. Another yamaha electronic organ “Poratatone” series and so on will also pick up some custom audio engine and software.

system structure diagram (from left to right, the user terminal, lyrics, content provider server parameter and audio files, yamaha music and accompaniment server)

to the service provider to provide service in SaaS way is to point to: content will compose music lyrics and related parameters, recorded in the XML file sent to the yamaha server via the Internet, and then the yamaha server-side generated singing and accompaniment synthesis of music, and then will be used in download URL address is returned to the sender. Yamaha communication through Web apis with special tools, used in the synthesis of singing and accompaniment of high load processing server will be online.

in the future, English, Chinese language music production tools development is also on the agenda.

the yamaha in April 2009, which started singing songs and melodies in the company server SaaS services (NetVOCALOID). But the service need to the other party (the content provider) to provide accompaniment music and melody. And the VOCALODUCER but not singing, connected accompaniment and melody can be generated automatically.