Silicon valley: Hollywood’s top programmers can be a broker

Beijing time on April 12, in silicon valley, if anybody can become a top programmer, that means he entered the elite ranks of high gas lift, has a high salary, can enjoy free food delivery, and the driver shuttle. Here, the pay of top programmers to a great extent, are similar to Hollywood’s talented artists. Altai, GuWenJi (Altay Guvench) saw this, he himself is also a programmer, but it has become one of the first batch of software developers agent.

in about a year ago, GuWenJi with two friends started a company named 10 x Management, the company ACTS as agent for the freelance software programmer, find a job for them, help them pay negotiations, is responsible for tracking their bills and invoice. “We’ll for freelance programmer ACTS as the role of the bad guys, so they don’t have to do so.” GuWenJi said.

the ancient vinge, graduates of Harvard University, is the monkey vocalization is the theme of the graduation thesis and looking for human language and the research for the precursor cells. After graduation, he worked as a programmer, had set a band. Career in professional music industry, he met Sean in bloomberg (Rishon Blumberg) and Michael (Michael Solomon Solomon, when two people are John Mayer (John Mayer) and The Clarks musicians such as managers. “Their work is for the artists to solve the problem.” GuWenJi said. “So I just made a bizarre attempt to hire them as I work freelance programming broker.”

this attempt was successful, GuWenJi said. With the help of the two agents, he can work within a reasonable time to get a good reward, making it not hard work late into the night in a startup, it can make some free time to work in the music. “Beginning to see some of my friends, () after a broker to I become happier than before.” GuWenJi said. “They are starting to ask me, how can like me.”

today, 10 x Management programmers to serve as an agent for about 30 freedom, including previously worked at Google and apple workers some of the software. The company to charge the programmer of the industry standard 15% commission, says it is committed to reduce freelance work “when the poor rich” phenomenon, the specific method is to share the work between the customers, these customers are mostly startups. “With 10 x Management cooperation work brought me a perfect life, work full-time freelance degrees of freedom and the reliability of the combining together.” IOS developers Ryan Wagner (Ryan Waggoner) wrote on the company’s web site.

want to cooperate with 10 x Management programmers must first write a piece of code, by GuWenJi review, then submit to apply for the interview, interview by GuWenJi or other partners of the company. If the applicant can pass the interview, the company will try to match their professional skills and the need of customers. “We represent a programmer actually engaged in education industry, so we teaching children mathematics in a web site to find a job.” GuWenJi said.

10 x Management wants to hit fame in the industry, will itself as a company that has the best programmers, so start-ups can know that they can rely on the company when necessary to find the real talented programmers. “We want to become the industry’s lawes lawes or apple.” GuWenJi said. Just like traditional brokers, 10 x Management also tried to provide professional guidance for software developers. “It has to do and how to design your own way of life.” GuWenJi said. “The programmers, have the wish of many people is to create his own company, so we will help them broaden horizons for a long time.”

so, for employers to hire independent programmers Shout and broker on the phone, just pay issues such as negotiations, whether can let a person feel uncomfortable? “Yes, some employers will feel surprised, but often those we work with employers appreciate this kind of practice.” GuWenJi said. “We’ll help programmers to deal with all the associated with reward and project scope of work of an awkward conversation, so they won’t feel so embarrassed.”

translation: tencent technology