Shenzhou computer also should make cheap smartphone is life-changing or accelerated the decline and fall?

bleach and PC industry of chongqing “price butcher” — shenzhou finally to enter the smartphone market. Yesterday, the shenzhou computer operations, to chongqing, chairman of the campus lectures, shenzhou formally enter the mobile phone market, plans to invest in chongqing producing mobile phone more than ten million research and development, production base. “As long as the shenzhou came, what apple, millet… All is too expensive. Millet divided by 2 is my price.” Operations, under the “tactical”, full of thick brawl. Nevertheless, the personage inside course of study thinks, the shenzhou’s low price strategy can continue its “unstoppable” in the PC era, time is yet to be test.

shenzhou intends to build mobile base in chongqing

a few days ago, operations, came to chongqing held a lecture about entrepreneurship. And he came to chongqing another important purpose of this is to be in chongqing in the mobile phone r&d production base location.

“we plan in chongqing construction integrating r&d and production base, the scale must be above the annual output of ten million sets of mobile phone, the preliminary site selection in the south.” At the end of the lecture to accept business newspaper reporter in an interview, operations, said, “chongqing is southwest portal, has rich human resources, the south bank is important production base of mobile phones.”

the base in chongqing was siting, shenzhou in entering the mobile phone market has been a bit can’t wait. “Next month, the shenzhou OEM (OEM) mobile phone brand will be listed, the next two years to build its own research and development system in chongqing.” For new mobile phone positioning, operations, said, “similar configuration and millet.”

as a domestic computer brand, the shenzhou and lenovo, TCL, haier in industries such as the top ten, but it is so far the only has not yet entered the smartphone manufacturers in the field of computer. Why the wind turn tu? , operations, explained, “because smartphones are more and more like the computer, this is us into the timing.”

still do industry “price butcher”

the shenzhou computer and its chief operations, it, in the PC industry is known as the “price butcher”, the reason is that it often for less than 20% of price “the brand”.

enter into the field of mobile operations, still offering a “cheap” this tool. Operations, said, “as long as the shenzhou came in, such as apple, millet and too expensive. Millet price divided by 2 is my price.”

“shenzhou targeting millet?” For journalists to throw this doubt, operations, hurriedly said: “lei jun and I are good friends, I don’t want to ‘two armies.” He added, however, afford for thought, “but the shenzhou into smartphones, will compete with all mobile phone manufacturer.”

all handset vendors as a “rival”, such as market orientation inevitably raises questions about how “apple high-end, the shenzhou low-end, and its competition”? Operations, has said he is more of an emphasis on “cost-effective”, “” high-end, all of the definition of human, the shenzhou’s just restore the value of the product itself.”

operations, also asked, “why should we compete with it? For example, the number of aircraft first class is less than the economy forever.”

this is reminiscent of him in the PC world to play low card, by peers: 20% lower than the same industry’s price can bring profits to the shenzhou computer? While operations, high-profile response: “I do the PC to make money the most is the Chinese, our shenzhou computer about 10% gross margin.”

News analysis

cheap “unstoppable”?

did 20 years with the operations, the friend’s senior media person li and raw, specifically for he invented a word – “oh launch window”. Li and raw had earlier said publicly that “operations, to an industry, never do the first entrants, but looking ahead, to move to the central disk, market competitors begin tired, he was inclined to assassinate, holding a sword at a lower price, how it.”

with low price strategy, the shenzhou 2002 one of the top five in the desktop PC market throughout the country; In 2003, the household desktop PC sales have ranked second, annual sales of 500000 units.

in the notebook after age, the shenzhou computer’s low price strategy still clueless, former rivals in addition to lenovo, founder, tsinghua tongfang, haier, TCL, etc have been surpassed. Li and raw thinks, operations, to intervene in markets generally has three characteristics: industry demand is growing fast, the technology is relatively mature, to manufacturers at a competitive fatigue period. Now, the smartphone market just accord with the three major characteristics.

after the success of the shenzhou computer sprint 2012 IPO, Lebanon and the analysis of student had thought, from operations, accessories, computer process, you can see his hand cycle is about five or six years, it is related to the industry mature period, so he is expected to move into smartphones 1 ~ 3 years. Sure enough, after a year, only predictions come true.

however, shenzhou computer do phone also draws some question. “PC crossover play mobile phone not only hardware configuration.” Independent IT analyst had to business newspaper reporters yesterday, PC crossover play mobile phone brand, in addition to the success of apple are rare.

“shenzhou in PC marketing mainly rely on low price and configuration. But in the field of smart phones, the brands marketing war is intensifying. Under this background, if the shenzhou still alone as a smart phone hardware configuration and ratio of marketing elements appear too single, shenzhou must not be copied the game in the PC industry.” Once news said.

source: chongqing commercial daily