Shells electronic smart watch will out Firefox OS grand or will push more intelligent dressing equipment

a few days ago, hunting cloud network has already reported the grand electronic will launch its fruit shell Bambook Smart Watch Smart Watch news, today, hunting cloud network electronic insiders know the nut from fruit shell in an Android OS Smart watches at the same time, will also be running Firefox OS Smart watches, considering the compatibility Firefox OS, which means the shells electronic or will launch more intelligent wear equipment

it is well known that Firefox OS is the company developed a Mobile operating system, the system is different from the iOS, android, the characteristics of Firefox is a completely Mobile Web OS for Web design, any through the development of the HTML 5 Web page can be in the form of the app is opened in Firefox, at the same time, Firefox OS has the very good compatibility, not only can be used in smart phone, you can also support tablet, computer, TV, refrigerator, washing machine, glasses, clothes, shoes and other may extend the intelligent equipment.

in addition, for the developers, Firefox OS good reduced the threshold of the developers, developers can easily use their familiar language to develop the app for Firefox OS, rather than to develop iOS apps, will spend a lot of time to be familiar with the Object – the C language, at the same time, Firefox OS also allows developers to do a development, at the same time the advantages of compatible saves developers spend a lot of time, a lot of capital to debug applications of energy.

think of the future development of intelligent equipment, Bambook Smart Watch launch Firtfox OS version, can have better equipment compatibility, good application extension, is the intelligent terminals in the future competition, and the current Android too much divided and subsequent versions of many kinds of uncertainty (though the Android system gradually mature), makes the development of intelligent terminal equipment manufacturers have scruples, coupled with the Android system did not Firefox OS can be very good in many advantages of terminal compatible applications, therefore, Firfox OS is likely to become shells electronic Smart watches an alternative, but the alternative may be this is they layout more intelligent terminal equipment of a testing ground!