Shells electronic CEO blasted LeiJunKe wear equipment useless: too chicken thieves

(editor: Zhang Man)

recently at the China Internet conference, millet technology chairman lei jun said don’t believe in wearable devices. As the current domestic science and technology enterprises, the head of the fire, lei jun speech will give nascent wearable devices of boom pours cold water, the comments also sparked heated debate.

the techweb publicly opposed to lei jun, chief executive of shells electronic speech, referring to lei jun remarks too chicken thieves.

lei jun is how do you determine the wearable equipment market, the following is a summary lei jun remarks:

wearable devices is a very complicated problem, need the whole industrial chain together. The problem to be solved is quite complicated, the first important problem is the battery power consumption, if often need to recharge is not tired.

smart watches the biggest problem is the battery, can only use a few hours if the watch is very vexed. In addition how do chip size small enough to on a watch is comfortable. Problem of wearable devices is the industrial chain is not mature, is a low power consumption chip, chip is very small, can be integrated into a watch is very big difficulty. Large-scale commercial real may have over time.

today, nut shell electronic CEO techweb remarks on forward lei jun says:

some pig actually ready ^_^… A story: there was a thin pig, it climbed to the top of the mountain it a gust blowing it fly up, the pig regrets: as long as standing on the tuyere, I can fly! Now this only about fat pig advised dreams rushed to the top of the mountain of lean pig said: when you have a fat up to tuyere!

techweb innuendo lei jun is the participant and beneficiary of the flying pigs theory, tuyere the wearable device comes, but see failure, the industry has intentionally mislead entrepreneurs.

besides fruit shell electron, domestic also emerged many wearable equipment company, wearable devices has become an indisputable fact.