She was shopping the money? Ali equity held by the sale of yahoo step by step

recently, yahoo has just reported second-quarter earnings. Although there is no ability to satisfy the appetite of investors, but under her leadership, yahoo is slowly back to life. Although you will say I am of the view some one-sided, but yahoo second-quarter earnings expectations, is indeed a good sign.

in addition, yahoo’s plans a $5 billion to buy back shares also let people understand again by the fact that yahoo! ‘s money. It is understood that since the second quarter of 2013, yahoo paid $653 million to repurchase 25 million shares in the company.

since July came to power last year, she has been. Since mayer, including Summly and bursts after taking office, yahoo bought 17 large and small companies. In September 2012, mayer decided to sell the shares of yahoo’s holdings in alibaba, transaction amount is $7.6 billion. Professional analysis, ali has become the biggest source of yahoo’s earnings. At present, yahoo still holds a 24% stake. Wait to sell the rest of the alibaba shares, the company will also and highest possible profit of $20 billion.

in this regard, some original media for billions of dollars bursts of acquisition will delve yahoo’s judgment, not too accurate. Because just from ali’s return on equity, acquisition is enough to finish her dream.

it is understood that in the past year, yahoo’s stock performance can use jing to describe. From last year’s U.S. shares rose $15.65 to $26.88, now had a more than 71.8% year-on-year growth, growth is even more than the Google, apple and ebay.

the specific results of yahoo announced today: yahoo second-quarter revenue of $1.135 billion, down 7% year-on-year. Operating income of $137 million, up 150% over the same period last year, the U.S. gaap operating income of $209 million, up 13% from a year earlier.

in the end, using a formula to do: to acquire expert mayer + sell alibaba=yahoo continuing acquisition of carnival.