She was recruited former Google executives responsible for hernandez Flickr

Has officially joined yahoo, is responsible for the department’s Flickr.

, hernandez, a former Zagat company, a responsible for collecting the consumer to the global hotel, restaurant, shopping and other places) evaluation of the company’s general manager, joined Google in 2005, served as director of products, in Google and marissa mayer during work very good. Hernandez, sources have said as early as a few weeks ago, began to work in the yahoo, but has not fixed position.

actually, this is not her from his old club for the first time the poacher. A few months ago, the Path’s director of product Dylan cayce (Dylan Casey), joined yahoo. Coincidentally, who also worked on Google, and is considered to be mayer’s loyal subjects.

last week, vice President of yahoo’s Brett Wayne (Brett Waynr) announced the departure. It is understood that Wayne is one of the main participants in the Flicker, revision, and worked in companies such as AOL and Microsoft office.

as a famous senior executives, angel investors, hernandez in the online product has deep qualifications and experience. He had invested in a series of Spanish Internet companies, including StepOne,, and 11870. com, etc., and get good grades.