Shanda’s huaying as CEO Zhao Yu embellish departure

on September 2, hunting cloud network news, today’s news of a grand, huaying as CEO Zhao Yu embellish due to departure today, has not been hunting cloud network call zhao for a reply. According to join in October 2008, he has worked in grand for nearly five years, depending on the nearly two and a half years time in huaying.

the Zhao Yu embellish is informed to the friends using direct messages on twitter, said that due to personal career planning, has recently put forward resignation, then choose to rest for a period of time, to consider the future development.

however, in the past month of August 23, Zhao Yu embellish to huaying sheng also see the identity of the CEO presided over the shanda literature with seven film signing ceremony of cooperation. At that time, shanda President Robert chiu also present, two people talk did not reveal signs of departure.

the data shows, Zhao Yu embellish, worked as teenagers in Shanghai Oriental television variety of director and the host work, successively in sohu wireless music, such as Intel company responsible for the business market, and as the ninth city director of public relations and news spokesman. In October 2008, zhao joined shanda, as a big independent research and development of music online “superstar” chief music producer, then in early 2011 as a grand and hunan satellite TV, film and television company huaying as CEO.

Zhao Yu embellish departure for less than four years of huaying sheng, mean and will usher in a period. From November 2009 after the establishment, days of entertainment media, President of dragon danni, a former President, but later resigned in 2011.