Shanda literature, xiaoxiang academy in “plagiarism” storm: punishment the author by the resistance

(editor: liu)

since last sprint listed after failing to shanda literature is repeating issue. The founding team collective departure, the author of the banyan tree in arrears, starting point after the payment, owned by another – xiaoxiang academy again stand in the forefront.

10 o ‘clock in the morning yesterday, xiaoxiang academy issued in the official BBS “>

claimed to have the author in the BBS, weibo, QQ group public platform of malicious comments damage image of xiaoxiang academy, breach of editing reputation, causing very bad influence, because the other side there is no repentance, under the idea of xiaoxiang academy absolutely give bright blue wind, ancient vision and lazy divorce three authors stern punishment: cancel all recommend to deduct all the authors experience value and related benefits.

after the announcement, is also the cause of the above three authors on weibo finishing a counterattack. Why to xiaoxiang academy upheaval is the author? All this is in the works around the copy.

beginning and end of the storm

cloud network hunting by querying the weibo, found that the second wave occurred on August 21 at the earliest. On the same day, the silent, bright blue, the wind and lazy divorce three authors respectively at different times, the starting point for female frequency writers, microblogging certification called “_” sleepless in king’s weibo content, mainly in the weibo content accused accused xiaoxiang academy well-known writer liye “ordinary women’s toxic” copy more novels, in which the nation most hurt.

the silks, female, on November 23, 2011 in xiaoxiang academy, become full-time VIP xiaoxiang academy writer, grade A sign. From her weibo brochure as you can see, the rebirth of the halls office “, “ordinary female toxic” is his representative work, and the ordinary female toxic “have been published.

these three authors in turn bo, were accused of xiaoxiang academy, said xiaoxiang academy in protecting the “plagiarism” behavior.

among them, the ancient’s because liye is copied by netizens @ to his work, has carried on the forwarding, and then she said “plagiarism shameful.”

bright blue wind is straight batch: @ xiaoxiang academy – shanda literature, when do you want to cover up to?

lazy divorce criticism more directly: hear don’t stand that XX is copied, feel in XX people’s lift head, really want to know, what time XX is JJ these sites of assertiveness, dare not for money, dare to take these copy goods! Don’t cheat sheet will only get some goods to the knife!

has been accused of “plagiarism” xiaoxiang JianZe qin did not respond directly. But, the problem of toxic palette is ordinary female to explain, said they did not plagiarize, acknowledges that some reference and the paper again to apologize to the reader.

and this statement from other of the author’s identity, then invite more weibo spat.

two minutes later, the ancient’s momo in weibo at liye more “plagiarism”, and began to ask xiaoxiang academy official. “# if shameless, cheap shot the world # @ xiaoxiang liye, from” rebirth of the halls office “to the ordinary female toxic”, to the latest open “ChangMen female hou”, no one of this article is not copy!! Copy the tortoise qi how to cover all hide not, so mean, when a strange flower!! @ xiaoxiang academy – shanda literature, this copy goods, treatment is not!!!!! Winning is so high, not dozen face? !”

a divorce and lazy accused xiaoxiang liye inciting mindless fans to attack the repost, “this copy goods also incited mindless fans to attack the repost, let me deep understanding to what is a person shameless, world-beater!”

then, authors use of forward and back against plagiarism and critique, part of the author in the criticism of xiaoxiang academy at the same time, also said “I will stay as long as xiaoxiang to fail. Still hope xiaoxiang can develop towards a brighter better.”

in the face of great pressure, xiaoxiang academy chose the fifty big board. First released in August 25 “about” ordinary female toxic: splendid not ended “copied” announcement, said language description there are reference behavior in work, asked the author to delete part of the language description, to the rectification work, at the same time to cancel the qualification work the gold!

the three authors, is the penalty notice mentioned above. Punishment itself controversial, not only the official also banned comments, it also inspires the authors collective complain, think accused other authors instead of copying punished by site it’s not reasonable. Other Internet writers have on weibo backed by punishment to the author, even a part of the author to exit the xiaoxiang academy to resist copying, for example, weibo is called; Also netizens questioned xiaoxiang academy this kind of behavior is an important writer in disguised form to protect themselves.

browse through several author’s weibo information, in addition to individual words slightly bitter, as a whole is restrained. Xiaoxiang academy punish some catch in it somewhere.

hunting cloud network trying to contact the above authors and xiaoxiang academy, official story content for more events, but by the time, did not get reply.

xiaoxiang academy of copying random

in fact, in the case of low domestic copyright consciousness, rights of costly. The incident is just pulling out of the network literature “copy” of the tip of the iceberg.

compared to traditional literary creation, the network literature because of its creative environment loose, lax supervision, new popular fast and other characteristics, brought together a large number of network, the author quickly. Due to the good and bad are intermingled, the difficulty of proof that some authors have taken to “save” faster, means to find a good mock object, in great measure to promote quickly, thereby saving cost benefit quickly. But difficult to make the trapped in forensics, lack of laws and regulations, these are eating into the healthy development of the industry.

for xiaoxiang academy, as early as 2009 before into shanda literature, came under the “plagiarism” criticism works. In today’s author, there are a lot of “plagiarism” event.

by sina weibo search “xiaoxiang academy plagiarism” keyword, the discovery of many writers works be copied to the official complaint.

weibo users listed in the green girl on weibo a lot of evidence that xiaoxiang academy on writers, “best-selling author” cloud is one of them, he said only book stolen princess all preliminary findings copied famous martial arts romance over past forty. Step by copying the author have @ the smoke, little linden, fu LAN, jiangnan, shaw building, is not cold, QuZheng, gravel, liang, Wen Zhou. And a lot of evidence are listed.

in addition, xiaoxiang academy hot writer jin element time xinwen the baby come to the chief return also accused of alleged plagiarism “be choosers” jinjiang latest over fire. Writers grow three smile to work with a great god is the starting point for alleged plagiarism Chinese writer blue butterfly “full-time master” by punishment.

the “plagiarism” case, here is a list. Still, xiaoxiang academy’s operating results in great strides. According to xiaoxiang xiaoxiang academy, founder and general manager the son has said publicly that the website has entered “club” one hundred million yuan, from 2010 to 2010, xiaoxiang academy achieved revenue doubled every year.

the good news is that shanda literature CEO xiao-qiang hou has begun to focus on “plagiarism”. Early this morning, he sent the following message on weibo:

I would like to set up a network writer rights protection committee, early solve the problem of plagiarism, please our Internet writers do members, volunteers, the jury, once considered plagiarism, bulletin, in severe cases, the lifetime ban on @ platform of shanda literature writing. Continue to recruit volunteers.

it might be a blessing, but really hope shanda literature can effectively solve the problem of plagiarism.