Shanda literature banyan tree was revealed the author the payment in arrears Suspected capital chain problems

recently, a number of banyan tree authors to reflect hunting cloud network said, banyan tree website the author the payment in arrears. Industry people some question banyan tree operations has been suspected of capital chain rupture.

a banyan tree to sign the focus of the author to hunt cloud network, according to the banyan tree in arrears to the copyright fee RMB 20000 for a year, has not been issued. “From last August to now, has been dragged not hair, and then is to look for a variety of reasons, has said in hurried financial, there has been no below.”

the writer to the point of signing another banyan tree hunting cloud network has revealed a similar situation, according to the author, only he knew, banyan tree has been overdue for at least ten people not to issue.

banyan tree is full of frustrations, banyan tree is williamzhu website founded in 1997, after received $1.2 million in financing the growth of the country’s largest original literature websites, Internet winter in 2002, was forced to sell at a low price to Mr Starr. (there’s a story, hunting cloud network under the small make up and share it with. At that time, banyan tree business unsustainable, buyers can only demand. Mr Starr, took a fancy to banyan tree, offered $10 million. Is really a coincidence, negotiations on the same day, happened to Mr Starr’s negotiators met banyan tree the leased building property management personnel, knowing that the banyan tree months are the property of their respective costs have fallen behind on building, after Mr Starr offered from $10 million to $10 million at a draught, williamzhu also were forced to accept. In 2006, bertelsmann and banyan tree gave joy media sold for $5 million. Due to the domain name management chaos, for a long time users are unable to access the site.

2009 shanda literature acquisition of the banyan tree, become the new members in the literary circle.

compared to other literary web sites with high salary, attract the author, banyan tree the payment in arrears not let people’s feeling, under such fierce competition, the payment in arrears is persecuted good author flee.

the personage inside course of study to the hunting cloud network analysis “banyan tree capital chain problems? Otherwise how could make such a stupid thing!”

so far, shanda literature and banyan tree did not give clear statement to this matter.