Shanda literature 40 job cuts

cloud network hunting, July 24,

after founding team ran away after the storm, shanda literature recently for its cloud book city business on a large scale adjustment, the content and the hardware business, of which the cloud’s App and start integrating the App, and book city and Bambook ebook to continue by the cloud. Adjust the 40 people was laid.

grand official explanation is that the book city original soft hard business to the cloud: the cloud’s App and start reading App to consolidate, the Bambook ebook business continued by the cloud book city.

the cuts downsized workers gain compensation scheme of the N + 1. Shanda literature books LiuJiang, head of the vice President, the cloud also left the company.

LiuJiang join shanda literature is in December 2010, before this LiuJiang nearly 7 years working experience in the amazon held the position of the editor, the content of joyo amazon book marketing director, amazon website products, such as director, mainly responsible for website products, content and management of the library marketing, sales, etc.

LiuJiang today on his personal microblog posted on weibo “energy co., LTD., rested. Waiting to see the back.” Be like.

cloud network interview LiuJiang hunting, as of the time, LiuJiang did not respond to this event.