Shadows: apple is looking for a new CEO is going to quit your cook?

it is said that apple is looking for a New candidate to replace Tim Cook . The news today in English and Chinese science and technology media. Sources is Forbes ( Forbes ), there is no other circumstantial evidence.

, also has not confirmed the news. Just said: “some senior Wall Street sources close to apple, the work is in progress.”

apple stock is now below 400 $ until $390.53. It is one of the most intense recession since 2001. Since the beginning of the 21st century, apple shares have ascension into a long interval, although in 2008 twists and turns, but did not stop the footsteps of apple. To reach its peak until 2012. Since then, the boom-bust momentum seems to have no stop…

apple results will be released on Tuesday. At present there have been media (bloomberg Bloomberg) claim that apple earnings this quarter will be “very bad”. Apple will

yoann earthquake, apple’s donation 5000 ten thousand yuan. And in the Chinese website home page down product information, to the disaster area people wish. pointed out: this is the first time apple China website home page rendering the product information.