Sets: forbid to use similar trademarks with me!

third-party applications that use them API must take note: sets a angry, you hurry to change a name!

it is understood that sets in the recently revised “brand use the code of conduct”, and the third party application of port access to their API specific requirements are put forward. Is one of them, they shall be forbidden to use “them” and “IG”, “Insta”, “” gramm” and other words (including fonts), and can not use a similar camera icon to them.

to be fair, applications, such as Luxogram, Instaframe, Webstagram does to a certain extent, have the suspicion of sets a trademark infringement. However, most of them are docking with the sets of similar applications, and to a certain extent, also help to promote and improve the sets the user experience.

sets in Luxogram founder to wrote email notification:

“thank you developed a can help people, with the application of them to share pictures, and we encourage you to third-party developers, the development of such applications. Sets, however, cannot tolerate individual developers infringement of our trademark rights, or pretend to be sets a license application, etc. You need for your application to establish clearly different from sets a brand, and to strictly abide by the rules “of our brand.

them in the mail, requires that all the alleged infringement application, must be made within the term of “reasonable” name changes.

about the topic of brand equity, will have to Facebook. As sets a parent company, Facebook has always been keen to trademark rights of action. Some crazy, just this kind of behavior. It is understood that the social networking giant was in last year’s attempt to the word “Book”, for trademark registration. Facebook has so far by the United States patent trademark office, won the “F”, “Face”, “FB”, “Wall” and “Facepile” etc, the numerous patents registered trademark.

sets the official did not make any comment on this.