Sets: advertising can also be good

sets today announced its advertising project through the blog, and announced that American users within a week will see advertising images on your Timeline.

since April 2012 buyout by Facebook, advertised on them, just a question of time and form. But the outside world had thought the ads would ruin its “beauty, beauty, sprout, food” full-on atmosphere of literature and art. Fortunately, from the official blog published news: will appear on the sets of advertising not only a nuisance, and even can be called beautiful.

the following picture is Levis jeans brand advertising:

advertising image art aron, and does not appear too eye-catching Logo, Angle and the light is perfect, the quartet rounded picture completely accords with sets a format. Such advertising can perfect embedded in the user’s timeline, do not show abrupt. Production with users above images is the difference between them there will be a brand logo and the wording “sponsor” (Sponsored). Also like image ads, there will be less than 15 seconds of video ads.

such ads will be your home page in the feed and disappear with the flow of time line, does not occupy the view of the user for a long time like a Banner AD.

how to distribute advertising as far as possible, not a nuisance, is all social networking sites/mobile application common proposition. The Twitter one step ahead, Twitter advertising model features:

1, based on the personal interests of custom

2, appear in the user time online, but passes with time line nature, do not stay for a long time

3, advertising form conforms to the website format: also shorter than 140 words, and users of its content format consistent

sets a basic with Twitter explore advertising route. But on the basis of “less interference user”, added “advertising photo to better” principle, to avoid damage products basic atmosphere.

sets in earnest for the delicate balance between product and revenue. Now, everything is good.