Sets a step, a giant leap for Microsoft WP: sets the official application to log in WP platform

Windows Phone users finally wait to them for official use. Nokia has lobbied hard for months, and finally for the achievement. Sets a CEO to confirm: the official sets the login WP platform in the next few weeks. In the ten minutes ago nokia conference, elop also confirmed the news to the audience personally.

although sets just an app, but this progress for Microsoft. Windows Phone has been trapped in a lack of application, especially the number of users than mainstream applications. With the expansion of the WP platform, more and more application of began to have the version of Windows Phone. However, sets a has been. Them has become a symbol of conservative, for its Windows Phone refused to symbolize the application industry. Until now, the last bastion of has been breached. And, of course, there is a bigger fort to be overcome: that’s a large number of Google, including YouTube, maps, system application.

sets a login WP, means that the platform has strengthened its “third mobile operating system”. Hand in hand with nokia, Microsoft is ecological go hand in hand in a difficult but on the right path.