Sets a confidence, saying “in the future or will surpass Facebook”

(translation: o foam)

sets a recently is is ambitious, confident of its this photo sharing application. CEO Kevin Systrom success in them from when a niche creative products into the mobile application is popular in the world today. Since the 2012 in 10 $ Facebook since the acquisition, them user group rapid development, currently has more than 1.3 .

although homogeneous product market competition is intense, such as Vine opponent is also emerge in endlessly, such as sets a to remain with their own unique advantages. Systrom pointed out that if the them according to the development trend of the constant, then it will is likely to transcend Facebook size now, what’s more, “to become the world’s leading products. . However, is worthy to be discussed them if we can keep now rally. Systrom as executives admit, maintain such an astonishing growth level is not easy, let alone Facebook current users up to still sets a times.

“Sets a

will continue to maintain the growth (and now overtaking Facebook ) ? It is difficult to answer this question “Systrom in a Fast Company magazine in an interview said so.

and sets a another co-founder, Mike Krieger said on this question, he thinks the them and Facebook two companies in terms of scale are with possibility . Krieger said, how to say, this problem is quite good, I personally think that the two companies in the development of resistance, there is no limit on the size and so, or will develop neck and neck and maybe one day?