Sets a buyout by Facebook insider: Jack Dorsey didn’t inform shareholders

Actually always hide from me. from now on until now, we only through one or two emails, occasionally also seen him at the party. But we never spoke. Think of the past I was sad.”

in fact, the cold Dorsey not Systrom was . He told Swisher, he is not sure what made him change idea, and let him in rejected Twitter just a few days after final decision to sell the company to Facebook . Systrom said that the “process” unusual.

Systrom admitted: “I’m not sure why I changed idea. But Mr Zuckerberg offered me an overall plan of action, and from sequoia 5 $value into Facebook 10 $ price. May everyone thought that the purchase was lying in the Trent given his music dark room. In fact many of the most significant decisions are relatively quickly, never advertise.”