Sequoia capital investment hand swim again, Kiwi financing of $9 million

, is a focus on the Android platform game development studios, recently, the company won a $9 million from sequoia capital financing.

despite its small size, can be the founder of Kiwi Omar Siddiqui (Omar Siddiqui) position is not small. Siddiqui has combined with others in the game development company Trippert Labs, well-known social game maker after Playdom acquisition. In Playdom (bought by Disney in 2010 for $750 million) tenure, siddiqui who participated in the “Time garden” (Gardens of Time), the miracle City (City of Wonder) such as the development of the game. In addition, siddiqui also in vc, with McKinsey and Bain Capital of the company’s shares.

Kiwi is sidi and his partner’s business to try again. At present, the company’s team has expanded to 160 people, and for Android users, such as a Shipwrecked on the leisure simulation games. In addition, according to a survey, Kiwi production 5 game has ranked “gain the highest GooglePlay game application” list (USA).

with the gradually form of business model, the Android platform is narrowing with iOS cashability gap. Although there has been think that venture capitalists passion for the game should be developed is waning, but sequoia capital nearly a period of time “in the opposite direction. In addition to investment Kiwi, sequoia has also invested in a company called “Pocket Gems” mobile game company (the company has developed paradise bay games).

it is understood that the financing is by sequoia capital Lin Jun 叡 (Alfred Lin, a former shoe website Zappos COO) leadership, another investor Omar his (Omar Hamou, such, founder) as a Kiwi company director. In addition, guitar hero (a game) joint developer Charles Huang (Charles Huang), SV Angel also participate in this round of financing.

siddiqui filled the anticipation to the future of Kiwi and he said, “bring the game development company, everyone think of above all is the company. But rarely has a company, as it did in a short span of five years, from nothing to the revenue of nearly $1 billion. Over the years, we have been committed to the game development and other related fields, thus accumulating a wealth of resources and experience. In the process of entrepreneurship, I often asked myself a question like this: “if give me one more chance, so we should be how to put your company into a superior enterprises in the industry” “.