Selling Twitter zombie powder, 10 month 800000 yuan

(translation: million begging)

every day, our mail will be selling false Twitter account. This shows that the business profitable.

PC World

reporters Christopher Null , a man named James Clegg, to operate in a typically large zombie powder business, he’s in the 10 months making healthy 128000 $ (78.5 yuan).

he told reporters that this business do well, even quit his job in accounting.

Mr Clegg provide us with his business internal message:

he said he was running the 13 home fans sales site. He needs a lot of website, because Google doesn’t like the zombie powder business. So each site must use a search engine optimization scheme of changing to make themselves appear in the search results.

(return true effective, we only need to input “Twitter followers”, see, sure enough, the first search result is that “Twitter followers | Buy Twitter followers | Free Twitter followers… “)

this zombie powder business is a Numbers game. The current ratio is 1000 11 $, then a standard order is about 30 dollars. The server of a high search results can inhale every day 80-100 order. (may also ask for more, we found zombie powder from Google search website price 1000 $17.5 ).

it’s not all net profit. Mr Clegg from India to the program apes to manufacture fake twitter account “ bots “(hereinafter referred to as) of the robot. Each 6000 knife income he can earn about 2000 knife.

buyers including small celebrity, big companies, and pranksters, but actually the most, or those who don’t want to let people know they only 20 a few true followers of small companies, Clegg said.

as you know, buy or sell twitter account is obvious irregularities, once discovered the fake twitter account will be deleted immediately.