See another meizu MX3: there is no breakthrough innovation Hard into the national mobile phone

phone new war begins in earnest in September, the first is to pull the trigger from the southern city of zhuhai meizu technology.

last night, when the meizu water cube in Beijing with a 2 hours of the conference to introduce people to the forthcoming under the mobile phone products MX3. Conference field, process, and it is exactly the MX2 conference last year.

in the same way, the life and soul of meizu, company founder jack had still not appeared.

but compared MX2 conference, MX3 conference, vice President of both the meizu CEO Bai Yongxiang meizu misia, have not too much to mention jack, but focus on the product.

as a often compare millet to do with the company, the meizu and millet, the biggest difference is that it has its own factory that also helps to better grasp the meizu hardware and appearance of the product. But for MX3 on hardware MX2 compared the indicators are improved, but there is not a big breakthrough.

in order to highlight the MX3 on hardware features, Bai Yongxiang lists a large number of data and parameters, even had to often tip the audience to the conference board to read parameters. But in addition to is the most narrow bezel mobile phone, MX3 other parameters do not have strong competitiveness. And too much parameter list is very difficult to give a person leave deep impression, average consumer perception of these parameters is also very limited.

in terms of software, meizu Flyme OS based on customized Android depth system has evolved to version 3.0. Many properties of misia Flyme OS 3.0 is introduced, which highlight the function of for the big screen design of human nature and the meizu of cooperation with partners in the cloud services, but on the whole, said Flyme OS 3.0 more is a kind of evolution, there are not many breakthrough.

on pricing, meizu MX3 starting price of 2499 yuan, still maintained a higher price. A meizu dealers to tencent technology, said if MX3 pricing is too low, will directly affect the MX2 sales now costs 1999 yuan.

hardware have alternative innovation highlights the lack of

when released MX2, domestic mobile phones has been popular, but meizu still insist to do when jack think is most suitable for the size of the Chinese use of mobile phones, but jack in the meizu BBS post said not rule out the possibility of future production of domestic mobile phone.

now mainstream Android will screen size at 5.0 inches, for meizu, do domestic mobile phones on the one hand, is adapt to the bigger trend, on the other hand it also meet the needs of the user’s needs.

MX3 is meizu’s first mobile phone screen, meizu is set the stage for the “better use of domestic mobile phone”, in hopes to MX3 and existing domestic mobile phones on the market area.

therefore, meizu specially used for MX2 appearance design style and screen of this seemingly strange proportion, 5.1 inch screen using the 1800 x 1080 resolution. In addition to carrying samsung Exynos 5410 1.6 GHz dual quad-core processors, SONY 8 million pixels back according to the type of camera as well as 2400 ma built-in lithium battery.

how to define “good” is a very difficult job. From the hardware, use means that the screen at the same time to have a good grip, battery life is long enough, the mobile phone heat dissipation to handle, etc.; In terms of software, to use means good one-handed operation experience, the system in accordance with the characteristics of mobile phone, etc.

but these aren’t just according to the requirement of the domestic mobile phone, but any phone requires effort direction. But the meizu for MX3 made some innovation.

in terms of hardware, meizu is in as little mind to do big: while guarantee the screen size is big enough, the meizu in mobile phones do less as far as possible to facilitate the user single hand grasp, such as the narrow border design. This is also Bai Yongxiang spend the most time is introduced.

in the conference, Bai Yongxiang said, jack because of engineering prototype hand arc and his demands are 0.07 mm and rework. For consumers, however, details may only be pluses, and whether they can realize such subtle differences are hard to say.

but on hardware, MX3 MX2 compared with the change of the size, it is very easy to perceive. “In a larger screen mobile phone” is enough to be an excuse for consumers upgrade their mobile phone, and if its brand identity meizu, then the only choice is MX3.

Flyme OS 3.0 remains to be strengthen

but should let consumers give up other domestic mobile phone and choose the meizu, hardware is on the one hand, more may be needed to realized by software. “System” for the operation of the domestic mobile phone design is misia for meizu MX3 bring another big selling point.

in the past for the Android system, generally can be divided into mobile phone and tablet operating system, operating system has bigger difference between the two. But in different size on the screen of mobile phone, Android experience is not too much different, while the meizu was caught in seizing Flyme OS 3.0.

with one hand holding hands function how the scope of operation, is a key indicator of domestic mobile phone operating system. For one-handed operation more convenient, meizu have come up with Smart Bar, at the bottom of the screen adds a operating areas, facilitate the thumbs touch.

and it is worth mentioning that the meizu attracted numerous partners in cloud services, such as peas cooperation application downloads, and more m music online music, in addition the meizu and sina weibo, alipay, Carla, music companies such as the cooperation.

because meizu is started with the hardware of the company, on the Internet, and cloud services and doesn’t have much experience, with the introduction of partners, is the most effective solution to cloud services. But if too dependent on a third party, in the core application for meizu there may be some risks.

for meizu, if the hardware is their strengths, so the Internet and cloud service is its weaknesses.

in cloud services this point, more understand the Internet than meizu millet do much better. But from the operating system, beautiful MIUI and Flyme are Android depth customization system, but the beautiful MIUI from influence or adaptation model, are better than Flyme.

because more adaptation model, beautiful MIUI users is very big, this also is helpful for the millet around beautiful MIUI build their own ecosystem. Lei jun (weibo) in August of this year’s Internet conference said that beautiful MIUI has an app store, game center, cloud services, security software, music, video and books, such as browser nine modules. The beautiful MIUI water income has more than 20 million yuan per month.

MX3 strengthening woo operators MX2 sales is still a mystery

the meizu on the sales of MX2 and unicom reached a cooperation, and the cooperation also continues to MX3, and seems to be more smooth cooperation of both sides. In conference, MX3 Bai Yongxiang just released MX3 unicom contract machine sells for 2699 yuan.

carriers and the biggest advantage is that the operators can be fully used in the national network for mobile phone sales. Although the meizu have their own offline stores, but the number is still limited, unable to cover more areas of the country.

although now through electricity has become a very important channel for the handset sales, meizu, however, does not take the sales center of gravity to the electricity. On the sales of MX2 meizu and jingdong reached a cooperation, at the same time the meizu have their own online shop, but the MX2 electricity sales account for only small percentage of overall sales.

according to the vice President of meizu MoCui days after an interview with tencent technology, meizu MX2 only about 10% comes from electricity sales channels, but the proportion of meizu electricity sales will be controlled at about 15%.

the meizu did this in a lot of the reason is that the offline stores can be a very good sales channels. But this way of selling subject to regional restriction, so electricity channel for meizu is also essential.

but regardless of what kind of sales model, meizu USES the sales of its products to the outside world is always a question. Meizu has never been made public MX2 sales, and thus led to speculation that poor people for MX2 sales. Now, with MX3 is on the market in late September, MX3 sales will also become the focus of attention.

source: tencent technology author: Zhu Xudong