Security guards + search? Zhou Hongyi want to simple!

this paper hunting cloud network readers submit

thought anniversary of the war will quietly in the past, the first 15 the night luo broke irreparably, 360 will directly by security guards to search the import flow. Then a confirmed the news quickly, the user can use “ Ctrl , Ctrl “means to 360 search.

there is no doubt that setback in acquisition of sogou, positive storm blocked baidu’s case, in order to achieve 20% market share goal, is going to release that directly, to reverse the situation. The problem is, this looks very cow X that is really able to death 360 the blood thick skin rough rivals?

a, dongfeng before the first don’t

the Ottoman enlarge recruit was at the last minute when the red light, and 360 position while some embarrassed, sogou eat, baidu to bite, but also seems to be really not to have to enlarge the point of hire. What’s more, the enlarge recruit always do some exercises.

From product level,

360 has been working hard, but really want to catch up with baidu also has the very big disparity, the baidu post bar traffic alone can let 360 the envy. In addition to the good search such features in web pages, pictures, music, etc., 360 still lack a certain accumulation. At this point directly to the security guards and search the binding, as will also imperfect products exposed in front of more users. Such behavior would be tantamount to quench thirst, destroy 360 search itself is very weak brand image.

a lot of friends often say that 360 can’t only depend on channel, to shape their own brand. But think carefully 360 why using comprehensive search in the original name, rather than qihoo or 360 , in fact it is hope to weaken the brand concept, so as to avoid product early problems completely ruined the future of the product. In other words, the 360 internal also know that your product doesn’t work, but was imminent, had to send.

maybe on the browser, navigation page 360 you can use this way to deal with most of the small white users, but the problem is to use the 360 security guards search shortcuts calls out, will inevitably bring 360 brand mark. If the user experience is not good enough, users may write directly to the 360 to survive the fundamental, security guards, how big is the risk of such since don’t have to say more. Can kill one thousand still hard to say, why must you first since the eight hundred loss?

2, d does not suit the, wrong medicine disease

use desktop level product bundling actually search attempt have been a lot before, but the real action are limited. Away with tencent search, has the largest installed capacity and active, and open the the frequency is much higher than 360 . The little popup window is randome tencent, invincible, but it happened that planted in the search.


communication and search the contents of the attribute is not compatible, user is difficult to in and search to build a strong connection, realize the flow of the jump.

and the main input method sogou wisdom edition + the combination of the search, and 360 the thinking of the same, all is hope to bypass the browser the intermediate links, directly implement its flagship product for search engines to import flow.

in fact, this is hidden behind the sogou and 360 is based on the three-stage rocket model of a very big problem, that is the step by step flow attenuation. 360 security guards installed capacity reached 4 level, is basically what the market share, but in the browser only 25% about, to search engines only 15% , the flow rate of attenuation is very severe. Sogou input method of installed capacity, less so in the end only single-digit market share.

but the problem is that over the secondary browser, with first-class product directly to search the import flow feasible?

I think that the level of product attributes. Sogou input method may be a bit better, after all, the content itself is in the process of the input contains demand for search, but the amount is not big, can imagine the people of the whole country in the search box can enter how much a year. It also can achieve some simple name to jump.

and 360 security guard system security product properties and its own search across went further. Most people use it to kill Trojan, patch. A change of perspective, if the security guard and search really can realize traffic transfer, between the service, took pains to do what the browser! Browsers are able to import to search traffic, precisely because it is itself a meet user demand for content aggregation platform, such properties whether security guards, or didn’t have input method.

otherwise, in this logic, Microsoft requires a built-in keyboard shortcuts in the operating system, can be a key Bing , Google will be doomed.

but the fact is just the opposite.

3, buried too deep, is not in conformity with the user habit