Secret history: wang xiaochuan Zhou Hongyi “played”?

this is a for unknown secret history. Recently, cloud network hunting interviewed several industry executives, writing it.

to be said in the industry, said zhang generous, very decentralization, executives gave a lot of space for development, so after sohu department executives out entrepreneurial success rate is very high.

actually, sohu, like any other large group, also suffering from various disease. Such as cruel internal struggle.

heterogeneous wang xiaochuan also faces pressure from inside. Why said that wang was a weird, because he and sohu media technology of gene has a natural. Although 2004 zhang internally to advance technology company’s idea, but zhang’s vision of a transition failed may also just finished part of the results, so to speak.

this part of the results is led by wang xiaochuan department. But in the process of sogou obtained some achievements, wang xiaochuan internal struggle nearly wiped dry death.

before 2008, wang in sohu sat is very strong, even it can be said that wang is zhang’s eye, because zhang hopes the king his technological transformation strategy can be implemented successfully.

although, sohu interior also gave wang a variety of support, including sogou employee wages and benefits than other department (such as sohu interior ammunition against wang), etc., have high hopes but was inside the sohu sogou search team around 2008 suffered serious unrest.

is the background of this turmoil, sogou search under the double against baidu and Google, have completely marginalized.

team walk the walk, scattered scattered, wang was the internal executive review for the ability to have a problem. Give reasons for the various, including wang xiaochuan cronyism, abuse of tsinghua students and so on.

sogou search project was started in 2003, to 2008, there have been five years, though in this five years, others in zhang ear hair drier, but Zhang Xianran gave Wang Xinren.

but five years later, things have no dry, wang can only bear the responsibility, the result is no longer responsible for sogou search turned to develop other products.

according to a senior executive convective cloud network, according to the class in 2008, wang was another reason is that wang had invested a lot of energy and material secret research a product called sogou assistant, but eventually ended in fiasco.

wang xiaochuan status in sohu, at that time, including li, Chen tianqiao industry bosses to wang xiaochuan endorsement.

wang xiaochuan comprehensive consideration for a long time, decided to settling, looking forward to one day achieve counter attack.

then we all know, the story of wang xiaochuan in what was known as the three-stage rocket system design, completed the sogou search how to look for traffic problem.

thanks, way of doing things in 2009, wang xiaochuan as sohu cto.

about Zhou Hongyi wang xiaochuan gratitude and grudges, a lot of media are using such rhetoric:

in 2010, after Google China out of China, 360 head Zhou Hongyi find sohu chairman zhang, joint challenge baidu, condition is: to traffic in 360, 30% of sogou, sogou browser to run 360, zhang agreed. But wang refused, allegedly because “disdains Zhou Hongyi LiuMangQi”. After wang xiaochuan fly to hangzhou to find ma for sogou introduce ali this strategic investors. After 2 years, sohu to repurchase $25.8 million all the sogou shares held by alibaba. This time, wang weeks together.

more than familiar with industry executives told cloud network hunting, the inside story is too complicated.

“2010 Zhou Hongyi is appreciate wang xiaochuan, search for Zhou Hongyi are a plot. While wang xiaochuan also in seeking sogou formed an independent company, wang xiaochuan the mentality has changed, after the experience of various internal struggle against oppression, let him no longer content to just work for sohu. So on zhang wang xiaochuan sogou independent idea.”

“zhang for sogou is opposed to independence, despite a separation sohu game companies listed on the success, but the truth is that changyou spin-off is team” force “. The sohu game team gave zhang two roads, one is the core team all departure, the game is over. One is that independence. Wang changyou is probably want to copy, but unexpectedly encountered opposition from Charles.”

“as a result, river’s lake on a rather mysterious breath of drama, wang know Zhou Hongyi have a good relationship with Charles. So, wang and zhou online. Obviously, the commune with the results between the two, it is the later, find zhang zhou, to try to persuade Zhang Yiding independence to sogou, and want to take a stake in the extremely generous conditions are presented.”

“good friends, the industry, the double identity of Zhou Hongyi let zhang to reconsider sogou the issue of independence. Zhou word may play a role in zhang, and a key figure wang flew to hangzhou, secret visit ma.”

“wang yunfeng hold thigh chose ma for shares rather than Zhou Hongyi, this let Zhou Hongyi very annoyed. Because he is trying to convince Charles the sogou independence, and wang is using Zhou Hongyi hand, completed the sogou independent wish. It highlights the wang xiaochuan business acumen, but negative effect is that wang’s “played” Zhou Hongyi once.”

then, sogou and company constantly war 360, zhang can mediate, but may not have thought of, in fact, there is a secret agreement between Zhou Hongyi and wang xiaochuan, although be king tore up, dead men tell no tales. But surely Zhou Hongyi buried the knot are fool.

as now Zhou Hongyi client to Liu Ren constantly taking message, try to repair relations, which can easily open but Liu Ren knot?

now, sogou hype, constantly to fry a high valuation, but want to take out money, 360 would have to ask our profile: first ago also mind?