Science and technology enterprises how to influence government decisions? By FWD. Us thinking

recently, by the Facebook founder zuckerberg led, American technology has set up a lobby group FWD. The us, the group is committed to the executive branch of the U.S. government and the legislative branch of the decision, reduce government decision-making for adverse interference technology, advance are beneficial to the development of science and technology administrative policy and legislation. Have initiated the lobby and Google is one of the troika schmidt, yahoo CEO her to raise the founder Elon Musk .

the FWD. The us plan the first step is to make the government to make some changes in immigration policy, hoping to attract more overseas elite. Other alleged FWD. Us in such aspects as scientific research, education, create jobs also have some ideas .

watched TV drama “house of CARDS”, or to have a friend introduction to know American democracy should be about the word “lobby” is not strange. “The house of CARDS,” energy companies moraceae energy should let a person remember. Actually lobby is very common behavior, is under the democratic politics is not only enterprise, all kinds of interest groups, trade unions, and even civil organization will try this way influence to government legislation and administrative policy. Lobbying is in addition to the election in one of the most common type of political communication.

why Internet companies need to lobby?

Internet companies investing in the lobby has is out of step with the size of the industry, profits. Relatively speaking, the traditional energy companies in the lobby and investment spending is much higher.

however, with the development of the Internet companies, and government legislation, administrative decision some contradiction between the increasingly prominent. On the one hand, is in the interests of the different position/ value, on the other hand, the two sides of communication is not smooth enough.

the government and Internet companies exist contradictions in terms of control and freedom. SOPA such as scheme shows that the government in an effort to crack down on piracy and other fields, but underneath it is a film (fortunately stops). As SOPA storm shows that, the government and enterprises exist contradictions in terms of Internet freedom. The natural tendency to control the Internet free natural tendency.

in addition to the fundamental contradictions, some specific policies, such as FWD. Us is trying to change immigration policies, the government and enterprises also exist some contradictions. Internet companies eager to more qualified immigrants, silicon valley need a lot of from other countries (China, India, Russia and Europe and other countries) of talented persons, but the current visa and immigration system creates a threshold. In order to promote the policy, Internet companies should have an organization to the government to explain why (lobby) modified immigration policy is necessary, modify the policy will bring many benefits to the U.S. economy.

in the same way, Internet companies and the government there is similar to the “generation gap” between the clash of cultures. Middleman, congress and the government is more “respected” of the older generation. While silicon valley’s entrepreneurs in the majority with young people. More than entrepreneurs social activists, such as untimely death Aaron Schwartz , and the government realized the cultural conflict between the more obvious. Congress and the administration of the Internet cognitive level, catch up with the changes brought by the Internet boom. So, professional lobbying to help communication, improve the level of the government’s policies, as far as possible to bridge “inter-generational conflict”.


believe FWD us future efforts won’t be limited to “immigration”, these are The Times of Internet, social, political, and economic development will be and the Internet are inseparable. Therefore, comes to the Internet in the field of legislation and policy will only more and more. FWD us taken the first step, but still a long way to go. But also good, the American political system provides a variety of good communication means, the culture of “infrastructure” is impossible elsewhere.