Science and technology and environmental protection, apple again to build solar power station, power supply for the data center


, apple announced it would with the Nevada public utilities NV Energy cooperation, jointly in apple in Nevada Reno ( ) data center to build solar energy power station. The power station completed will be apple’s data center and the surrounding community.

after apple announced in maiden, north Carolina ( Maiden ) of the two data centers also adopted the solar power supply mode. these are reflected the apple in its operations and implement renewable energy strategy of continuous efforts. Apple is located in cork ( lawsuits ) manufacturing point namely completely using wind power supply, while the lulin in California ( Elk Grove ), and Austin, Texas ( Austin ) data center is also completely using renewable energy power supply.

the apple said in a statement, the apple all of the data center will be 100% take the renewable energy power supply. Establish a power station in Reno, data center, we use the latest high concentrated solar panels, hope that the new technology can help us to reach the goal as soon as possible. The project is not only to provide renewable energy for data centers, at the same time with the NV , innovation cooperation, will also provide clean energy for the local power grid. After the completion of construction, which covers an area of 137 acres of solar panels will be able to provide nearly 4350 all degrees of clean electricity, enough to ensure 6400 passenger vehicles a year of moving.

apple the new power station will be washoe counties ( Washoe ) local and surrounding areas to create 1000 – odd jobs, at the same time, in the journal of applied economics research report for Nevada, according to in a long 10 year payback period, the project will create a total for Nevada 2410 $ . Apple’s ultimate goal is to take 100 % of renewable energy for its power supply facilities.

renewable energy projects for the future of human development is crucial, so we would be glad to see apple adopted such diversity, creative approach to data center for its power supply. sustainable development of the nonprofit advocacy group Ceres Mindy Lubber so evaluation. in recent years, solar renewable energy sources such as competitiveness constantly improve, we are looking forward to more and more companies can be inspired by apple, don’t forget to environmental protection, at the same time in the development of their own to achieve green ‘”.