Schmidt: if the government wants to Google more tax, please modify the tax law

Google chairman Eric schmidt ( Eric Schmidt ) and apple Tim cook ( Tim Cook ) may be commercially enemies. Recently, however, the two views is amazingly consistent. When the government was accused of high-tech corporate tax rate is too low, the attitude of the two executives are: the government you should look in the mirror and see yourself first. This week interview, Mr. Schmidt said Google to pay all the UK within the scope of the tax law. If you want to us more tax, to change the law first!

“if the system changes the tax law, of course, we will abide by it.” Mr Schmidt said: “if rates rise, then we will more taxes; If lower, then we will pay less. This is the British democracy political decision.”

schmidt speech and cook. Cook recently in the United States senator accepted the challenge because of tax problems. Cook said apple perfectly follow all laws. (unlike apple) can many other company is trying every means to tax less tax.

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