Schmidt: Google glasses, are often those who fear change

Beijing time on April 27th morning news, Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) a speech at Harvard University talked about on Thursday, Google glasses is the emerging things, perhaps will change human social etiquette. Blame Google glasses, are often those who fear change.

the first Google glasses into the hands of the developer, while others still need to wait for a period of time to have the opportunity to experience the Google glasses. Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) on Thursday said in a speech at Harvard University: “please don’t rush to under the Google glasses, think it will damage people’s privacy and human-computer interaction experience.”

he said: “our goal is to improve the world. And, of course, we will listen to criticism from all sides, but I think that criticism is often come from people who don’t want to change, or don’t realize society will adapt to this new product.”

Google glasses is Google co-founder Sergey Brin (Sergey Brin) public statement favorite products. Before this, Google has published lightweight notebook, with mobile phone maker, jointly issued several Android smartphones. And the research and development of Google glasses, can say is the search advertising giant most bold step in terms of hardware development. As a concept product, Google glasses completely beyond the smart phones, smart watches and other personal electronic products, become a leader wearable mobile devices.

schmidt announced that Google glasses will be available next year. The Google glasses look like sports glasses, lenses have a small transparent display at top right corner, users can browse through the display screen and include query maps, weather and other search, etc. In addition, Google glasses also device camera and voice control system used to release instructions.

schmidt also personally try Google glasses. He said he is not too to adapt to the Google glasses, and the feeling of Google glasses “strange”, especially the voice control function. But he argued that Google glasses will be gradually accepted as a new thing, and for how to use the Google glasses, may gradually formed some new etiquette. For Google, on the other hand, how to use the Google glasses to collect user information, the government’s control limits may will gradually blurred, and this is what Google had hoped for.

he stressed at the same time, in the aspect of application, Google policy is to review all the Google glasses application, compared with the open free Android applications is much strict examination and approval. “Because we know some of the current problems, in order to guarantee the new product is not misused, our attitude is very cautious.” He said, “but at the same time I also fear, because fear of change, is not part of the regulation measures Cooked. Experienced Google glasses, including me, think this is a great product. I hope before its qualitative, it can go too far away again.”