Schmidt bluntly: “Android not safe? It much safer than the iPhone!”

on Monday in the ITxpo (Gartner Symposium) conference, schmidt expressed his straight away for Android security, fragmentation and other issues. As Google CEO, when people question the security of the Android platform, schmidt replied without hesitation: “not safe? Android much safer than the iPhone!”

however, in contrast, Mr Schmidt did not comments to explain. He just said that Android users has exceeded 1 billion, the open platform itself in the real world, accept large users of strict safety testing.

in close to the end of the conversation, Gartner, a senior research committee director, mobile communication’s chief research, David Willis summarize asks: “if I didn’t listen to wrong, what do you think the Android is more security than the iPhone?” Schmidt replied: “Android very safe! At the same time, the laughter of the young and the audience broke into a again. Schmidt paused continued: “Gmail, Chrome and Android, will bring people to imagine the perfect experience.”

in addition, Mr. Schmidt also expressed to outside frequently criticized the Android fragmentation problem. He said: “as an open source system, signed a treaty of upgrade adaptation Android and its Allies. Android’s app store is our biggest breakthrough.” (xiao yun analysis, schmidt’s words refers to the escalating adaptation through the system and application, Google will be able to mitigate and control the Android platform.) Schmidt also believes that the future does not exist the so-called absolute security platform, and security will be into each app.