Samsung weak behind the new pattern of smartphones

samsung released yesterday night 2013 third quarter results. Rapid advances in revenue, profits continued, many science and technology media and analysts have pointed out that the worries behind – samsung growth is weak in the field of high-end smartphones.

this conclusion judgment basis mainly has two points: first, samsung’s mobile communications sector revenue growth was only 3%; Second, samsung revenue growth is mainly attributed to its memory chips and cheap Galaxy smartphone. (see hunting cloud network reported: “the”)

why samsung in the high-end smartphone market weakness? The following three for hunting cloud network analysis:

first, “iterative frenzy” the exhaustion after

since a long time, even until now, the hardware configuration is the major OEM manufacturers as a magic weapon to win the market. However, we seem to have found such a phenomenon: the general consumers don’t care about hardware parameters, and more and more people to hype the hardware market bombing has been feeling tired. At this stage, the hardware according to Moore’s law rolling iteration at the same time, the “software” and experience and not to the same level of ascension. On the one hand, the psychological reason for which user lack of upgrading, on the other hand, each big mainstream manufacturers hardware configuration is more convergence. From the Galaxy S3 to Galaxy S4, from the Galaxy Note II to the Galaxy Note III, iteration of samsung’s products have surprise users is hard to find. Especially the high-end market’s biggest rival, apple, versus.

in the second place, from apple’s challenge: you said apple innovation, but it is better than samsung innovation

before apple did not release new products, many media is singing battle between apple and samsung. However, when configuring a 64 – bit processor/association processing chip and fingerprint recognition, first-class design, experience the iPhone 5 s good, almost no longer hear the comments. On the contrary, many people start bad-mouthing samsung’s Galaxy S4. Foreign analysts even fact: “.

although the iPhone 5 s listed less than a month, but in the previous accumulated a lot of potential buyers, these people could have been going to buy the Galaxy S4, but before the apple launch choose cash pending). In addition, the iPhone 5 s in both design and on the experience, is the Galaxy S4 such as samsung’s high-end machine.

is also a high-end smartphone market competitors, samsung and apple “weapons” is not the same. Apple relies on innovation, design, hardware is stable good ecological and experience. The samsung had is marketing, comply with the trend. To put it bluntly, apple is a pioneer, the pursuit of elegant culture; The samsung is take the middle road, with the bowl of a large number of full meet the person, but to the public. This from samsung has introduced the Galaxy S4 many “deformation” phenomenon can be found. As the pursuit of popular culture, popular is not equal to fashion (note:) samsung, now unable to maintain silence for apple. Only when the apple is in low (iPhone 5 times), slightly advantage to samsung. And in the world’s largest smartphone market, the Chinese market, samsung is facing the impact of local firms “cost-effective”, vulnerable to eke out “big brand premium.

third, manufacturers to break up in the end, the wolves circled new market pattern

although emerging markets such as some people think that China is a place of “local tyrants” outbreak, samsung can preempt the market with high price of high-end products. However, this conclusion seems to be fun rather than the fact that, after all, like the movie “big shots” home buyers in psychology, is not always appear in the real life. If can aside with suspicion and complain, millet mobile phone of snapping up picture, we can understand that cheap and wumart smartphones (to high configuration, the performance good, of course) is very popular in places such as China. Samsung high-end smartphone competitors not low-end fortress machine, it was the real challenger millet high configuration, such as relatively low price of smartphone.

from the point of price range, a large number of domestic price positioning, 1999 yuan to 3000 + flagship caused significant pressure to samsung. Samsung high-end product launches early generally maintain the high price of around 5000, and the experience and not too much higher than that of millet. Domestic flagship pricing, successfully created a high-end, neither nor a low-end “high-end” in the price range. Nearly two years continuously emerging of the new situation is to break the original “big brand high-end abroad, local firms and mid-range mass consumer psychology.

high-end to apple bitter, the wolves circled below, and this is the current situation of the samsung.

the place on put together is narrated, samsung’s earnings is not let xiao yun was surprised. The pattern of the high-end smartphone market is set, latecomers will may be hard to samsung or apple lift fall visibly, but FenRun its market is inevitable. At the same time, the quantity is little, high in the high-end market, samsung is not likely to explosive growth for a long time. In fact, not only is the samsung, other OEM is faced with the problem. An obvious example is that always insist on doing high-end market HTC smartphone will launch a one thousand yuan.