Samsung to hire “smear” HTC water-forces was fined don t ms wang: how do unrighteousness will be lost

according to Taiwan media reports, Taiwan fair trade commission (TFTC) has announced a samsung by hiring water army to denigrate the HTC brand, for samsung, fined nt $10 million (2.065 million yuan).

as early as April this year, some Internet found that samsung hire students post on the Internet through its local agents against HTC products, and recommend samsung mobile phone. Netizens Revelations, samsung and its “writers” in the network BBS “false unpacking, true criticism” attack HTC. Article in addition to the appearance of the shooting HTC phones off paint, also “revelation” HTC phones a lot of “problems”. Because the articles, and more concentrated, caused netizens, blew the whistle on the whole “writers” incidents.

since then, for the fair trade events were investigated, and with the penalty decision released this morning.

“samsung and Taiwan peng Thai career consultancy company and hidden dolly international company business identity, to marketing their own products, the identity of the general public to rival products compare and comment on the Internet marketing gimmick, causing unfair competition, affect the trading order, in violation of the provisions of article 24 the fair trade act against.”

it is understood that this is not the samsung prosecuted in the region for the first time in Taiwan. Earlier, samsung camera advertisements mislead consumers, Taiwan because of its being punished. In addition, in August the media to expose, samsung by developers, so that its for samsung.

in the staff meetings held a few days ago, there was HTC ask ms wang, chairman of the board of the employees, how to deal with samsung employed water army smear in our department. : “doing good is more important, the good faith (integrity) is the most important part of our company, how do unrighteousness will be lost.”

samsung regret for the developments.