Samsung to bet on the Galaxy S4 may repeat the iPhone 5

the foreign media published commentary said on Thursday, samsung in New York City in the United States on Thursday released its fourth generation Galaxy S smartphone, and elaborated the outstanding performance of the mobile phone used by the software, hoping to arouse consumers’ desire to buy, to battle for a new round of market with the apple. But given the global smartphone market growth is slowing, the Galaxy S4 may make the mistake the apple iPhone 5.

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samsung on Thursday in New York released its fourth generation Galaxy S smartphone, this also means that samsung to apple launched a new round of market challenge: to further strengthen the Galaxy S phones software performance and corresponding services.

three star Galaxy S4 conference Thursday at New York’s Radio City Music Hall, Radio City Music Hall). On the same day the company describes the Galaxy S4 product a number of new features, including the user can through the eyes to control the mobile phone screen, through gestures to pitch web pages, answering the telephone, by hovering finger to preview E-mail, pictures or video without having to open the actual content. The phone also includes temperature and humidity sensor, as well as a health check sensor.

Samsung also announced the day like apple’s iTunes media content service, its name is called “Samsung center” (Hub). Through the service, the user can purchase and download video games, e-books, music and video content. Apple iPhone is popular with consumers, the part of the reason is that the company has formed a relatively perfect the content of the ecological system, and the ecological system and its equipment to realize the seamless connection.


from a hardware perspective, based on the Android’s Galaxy S4 used 5 inches display screen, slightly bigger than the previous generation models of the 4.8 -inch display. The Galaxy S4 and thinner thickness, 0.31 inches. The weight of 130 grams, the processing speed faster chips, equipped with 13 million pixels megapixel camera, users can be from the front of mobile phone can also from the back of the shooting pictures and video. Galaxy S4 can be in the next generation LTE (long-term evolution) used in the mobile network, high-speed wi-fi networks and can be connected.

three star will be in late April this year the sale of the Galaxy in the global 155 home and S4, but did not disclose the specific price of the product. In terms of the U.S. market, will sell the Galaxy S4 mobile operators including AT& T, Sprint Nextel and t-mobile, and Verizon wireless, U.S. Cellular corp. and Leap wireless, etc.

samsung mobile communication business unit President ShenZong all (J.K. Shin) on Thursday said in an interview: “the current market competition is intensifying. Compared with three years ago, the current pattern of the smartphone market has been very different. We are able to provide hardware and software to consumers, performance is very excellent equipment, it is very important.”

the industry had expected, the growth of the smartphone market is expected to slow this year. The samsung hope that through the Galaxy S4 increase a lot of new features to attract consumers. In the process of samsung and apple in the market for, software has been one of samsung’s weaknesses.


ShenZong said in an interview, in the process of samsung Galaxy development S4, has submitted about 120 with the user interface and the software performance related patent application, and market in India, Russia, China and Europe has recruited a large number of software engineers, the purpose is to add new functionality for the device.

samsung products conference Thursday at radio city music hall is large. The concert hall with 5900 seats. Samsung on the day of the conference site decoration into the style of 1930 s, and staged an like Broadway production reality, the programme by the American singer and actress Will Chase (Will Chase) as a star.

in the activity, samsung makes the actor on the stage shows the various functions of the Galaxy S4 equipment, including photos, translation and vehicle driving remind functions, etc. ShenZong were at the scene of the general assembly said: “once you have the same Galaxy S4 live together, I can assure you, you will feel the life will be more wonderful and particularly relaxed.”

the us market research firm Strategy Analytics executive director said: “the Galaxy S4 rich parameters of the model and the service, certainly will continue to maintain its beneficial to samsung as the image of the smartphone technology leader. However, due to the current global smartphone market competition is fierce, even if the Galaxy S4 technical parameters and features, its leading only lasts for a few months or a year at most.”

Strategy Analytics has previously released statistics show that global smartphone shipments in 2011 growth rate of 64%, to 43% last year. Corresponding growth this year is expected to drop to 35%. This for samsung Is no doubt for the adverse. Samsung corresponding financial data show that the company revenue for the dependence of the mobile phone business is gradually strengthened. In addition to the mobile phone products, samsung is the world’s largest TV and a memory chip maker.

in the us market research firm IDC previously released statistics show that by the end of last year, samsung in the global smartphone market share of 30.3%, up from 19% at the end of 2011. In contrast, apple at the end of last year in the global smartphone market share of 19.1%, and 18.8% at the end of the year of 2011 is almost flat.

the smartphone market in the United States, however, apple still occupy the dominant position. Strategy Analytics released statistics show that during the fourth quarter of last year, apple’s smartphone market share of 45% in the United States, samsung corresponding share of 26.7%.


South Korea’s daewoo securities analyst James Song (James Song), said: “by eating into apple’s market share in the high-end market, by the end of the third quarter of this year, samsung may be able to elevate its share in the smartphone market at least 40%. But the question is what will happen after that.” While ShenZong all said, though he does not blindly go for market share, but for the samsung smartphone market share in the United States currently are not satisfied.

“cases are admitted, this year the global smartphone market there are still many uncertain factors, and the Chinese and European markets (samsung cell phone’s two most important market) smartphone sales growth is slowing, will affect the performance of the samsung mobile phone business in the first half of the year. In spite of this, ShenZong were convinced that samsung mobile phone selling rate will be higher than this year smartphone industry as a whole. He also revealed that, since the Galaxy S III launched last year by the middle of march this year the total sales is about 50 million.

investors are expected to keep a close watch on the Galaxy S4 of popularity. After apple announced the iPhone 5, due to the aircraft didn’t cause a new round of popular consumer boom, lead to the company’s share price fell. If the samsung Galaxy S4 listed after the same frosty reception, can be seen as global smartphone market has slowed its growth signals.

Germany belem berg Bank (its Bank) in London, an analyst with adriano, south armagh, DE (Adnaan Ahmad) said: “the samsung Galaxy S4 may make the mistake the apple iPhone 5. We can confidently say, considering the Galaxy S4 and its corresponding sales, samsung in the first half of this year’s performance should be very strong. Just…… There is a precedent apple before, and investors will quickly pay attention to in the first half may happen in the future.”

source: tencent technology