Samsung to apple every song words: our next generation of smartphones also carry 64 – bit processors!

according to the foreign technology press The Next Web reports, apple the iPhone 5 s soon, samsung today announced they will launch a 64 a processor.

samsung action President ShenZong all ( Shin Jong – kyun ) in: “although not recently, but our next generation of smartphones will carry 64 a processor.”

why samsung will really care 64 a processor?

apple 64 a A7 processor, the iPhone 5 s than the previous generation iPhone on the performance of nearly two times. Obviously, samsung’s move is in the next song words, for apple to challenge in the field of high-end smartphones the iPhone 5 s . Why 64 the number so important? That samsung will the iPhone 5 s after the release of spring to compete with the apple?

for example say, your smart devices are like a big library, CPU it’s just like a librarian, his several assistant. If it is and a processor, then the administrator will have and a helper. Of course, the more assistant, the faster processing speed. The key point is, is not to say that 64 a and a unit processing speed is fast, but said in unit time, 64 a processor than and a stronger processing ability. For example, you say to the administrator need to 256 this book, then have and as the assistant of the processor, need time back and forth to finish to be obtained, and the 64 a processor just need 4 time.

samsung will two smartphone market in China, Japan and the war on apple

in addition, ShenZong also said in the interview, as apple to Japan and China and other emerging market penetration, samsung also will further increase the market development work in these two countries. , samsung smartphone sales in China have breached the 1500 department, accounted for the market of 19.4% . Meanwhile, apple in China iPhone sales for 340 department, accounted for 4.3% . It is reported that samsung 2013 in the first half of the net sales for the 694 $, in which the Chinese net sales accounted for 16.4% for 113 1 $.

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