Samsung in response to the Galaxy S4 capacity: enough to buy a SD card

Beijing time on May 4, samsung has 16 gb version of the Galaxy S4 to its flagship smartphone buyers, put forward a suggestion: if you don’t have enough storage space, go to buy us specially for this launch microSD memory card.

, CNET UK website reported on a samsung 16 gb version of the Galaxy S4 indicate the storage space, users can actually use the space only slightly more than half, the rest of the space occupied by preinstalled operating system and applications. Samsung has said in a statement: “as for the 16 GB version of the Galaxy S4 smartphones, the operating system on about 6.85 GB of memory space, than the Galaxy SIII more than 1 GB, purpose is to provide high resolution display to consumers and more powerful.”

to those for the rest of the available memory is only about 8.49 GB of dissatisfied users, and samsung solution is given: “in order to provide the user end mobile experience, samsung for the Galaxy S4 provides a microSD memory card slot, can be used in the extended memory.”

the Galaxy S4 users can purchase microSD memory card to the phone increase at most 64 GB of storage space, so that the total storage space of 80 GB and 73.15 GB is available to the user. Extra extension storage space, however, cannot be used to store application, the reason is that Google has been cancelled in the Android 4.0 operating system this function. However, the user can store in extra storage space has been download books, music, films and other documents.

tag Memory and the differences between the available memory is not samsung a unique; Under normal circumstances, equipment manufacturers will indicate some equipment can provide the largest space, but no matter how hard it is system software takes up space. However, like three star Galaxy S4 indicate the memory with so big gap between the available memory is not very common. Tech blog ExtremeTech pointed out that the Galaxy

S4 of user space available in the total storage space accounted for only about 55%; And by contrast, based on the iOS 6.1 iPhone 5 available memory accounted for around 77.5%.

a number of other well-known equipment manufacturers also encountered the same problem in terms of equipment and memory: 64 gb version of Microsoft Surface Pro tablet user is said to be the lowest of the available memory accounted only 36%, and the remaining 41 gb space is Windows 8, pre-installed applications and recovery partition occupies; If remove the recovery partition, the Surface of the Pro user accounts for the available memory than can be compared with the apple MacBook Air.

translation: tencent technology