Samsung, HTC, LG on Twitter “saliva war”

if some tech web site, then you will see there are a lot of fans to support their favorite brands. In order to compete with cell phones or vice versa, fans often noisy red, or even a “water war”. However, such a “childish” behavior will occur in the mobile phone manufacturers. It’s not yesterday, Samsung, HTC, LG is on Twitter launched a “3 p” (don’t think too much, 3 p is three phones).

“HTC” British official account jumped up the war in the first place. It posted a on Twitter called “the most popular mobile phone HTC won the 2013 annual award” weibo, and a little aggressive to @ (samsung British officials account). Without further ado, the latter, says samsung in the same ceremony won three awards. See after words, HTC. So fierce weibo “dialogue” from a distance, no one else “the icing on the cake” how to? “LG UK” some gleefully to participate in this event, it posted a once, showing a man said with a smile: “guys, take it easy! It is just a cell phone.”

they three “noisy” lively, and attracted many people to come to “watch”, it seems, the beneficiaries of the “water war” will eventually be Twitter. However, we still want to say: “fan surface is ok, you all right also play” hype “, interesting?”


in addition, nokia has also recently released a advertising, poking fun at android “war” between users and the ios users: Don ‘t fight, the switch!